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Inpatient and Outpatient Departments

Children Section

Inpatient ward of Neurosurgery for child patients can now be found at the same section as adult one because of reconstruction of the University hospital for children. The ward has 10 beds and 6 beds at the Intensive care unit.

New Premises

In the beginning of 2009 completely newly equipped workplace for child patients will be opened within children section. At the same time the capacity of standard beds is going to be increased to 14, capacity of Intensive care unit beds will remain the same.

Accommodation of Child´s Parent

The department is going to be adjusted to children patients concerning interior and equipment. It will offer the family member a possibility of accommodation and of overnight stay with child in the room (for children under 6 years of age, children above 6 only exceptionally).

Standard Equipment

Standard rooms have maximum of three beds, with sanitary facilities and is also wheelchair accessible. ICU rooms are double-bedded and watching TV and DVD is available.

Free Time Activities

A play room will be available for free time activities of children at the department. Members of the hospital Centre for Volunteers are going to visit children and together make plans for free time. If children´s health state enables it, pedagogical workers of UH Motol regularly visit children.

Adult Section

Inpatient Department of Neurosurgery is placed on the third floor in sector C in blue single building of UH Motol.

Department Capacity

The Department is divided to standard inpatient ward with 11 beds and to intensive care unit (ICU) with 4 beds. ICU beds are under permanent supervision of nurses and are monitored by camera system.

Standard Equipment

The rooms of the standard inpatient ward are designed for a maximum of three patients and are constructed so that in the hallway of each two adjacent rooms there are two wash basins, WC and shower enclosure. Each room is equipped with colour TV. Day room serves as a place where patients meet their relatives and spend free time together there. 



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