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Children´s Section

The department provides not only surgical treatment of spinal cord and brain tumours, surgical therapy of hydrocephalus, therapy of developmental and acquired anomaly and children neurotraumatology, but it specialises also in surgical treatment of epilepsy. In cooperation with the Department of children neurology it also uses the latest diagnostic and navigation method, such as electrocorticography, resection navigated by MRI or method awake craniotomy. In epilepsy therapy introduces implantation of vagal stimulators and deals also with the therapy of patients with spasticity.

Adult Section

The department focuses on all neurotraumatology, spinal cord and brain tumours, biopsy, diseases of afferent cerebral arteries, vascular disease of brain and spinal cord, inflammatory disease of brain and spinal cord, developmental and acquired anomaly, hydrocephalus (especially the issues of normotensive hydrocephalus), surgery of peripheral nerves (injuries, reconstruction, nerve compression syndrome, tumours), all degenerative spine diseases (with stress placed on mini invasive approaches to simple surgeries of prolapsed to dynamic stabilisation and Albee´s operation).

We are fully engaged in the teaching plan of Neurosurgery in 6th year, Doc. MUDr. Tichý Michal, CSc., MUDr. Lubomír Pekař and MUDr. Holub Miloslav are members of examining board for SZZ in surgery. Scientific and research activity of the department is in process. We publish in abroad and national scientific magazines. Physicians and nurses regularly give lectures at scientific congresses and symposiums. We organise seminars for cooperating neurologists and rehabilitation doctors.

The latest instrumental devices for neurosurgery procedures can be found at our department. Apart from usual equipment such as operating microscopes and operating tables modern devices are significant – for example peroperative navigation of BrainLab system which is used for precise orientation in tissue surgery and to reduce damage of healthy structures. We also have to mention fibrescope necessary for endoscopic procedures in brain. Availability of peroperative electrophysiological monitoring is also important as it is indispensable for prevention of nerve path damage and also helps to select healthy and pathological brain tissues according their function. 



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