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The history of the clinic is closely linked with the development of pediatrics in CZ and the foundation of the children Hospital in Prague. In 1945 in the area of the former Children’s Hospital a separate orthopedic clinic with 109 beds and 2 wards for children and 2 for adults starts functioning. The head of the clinic at that time was prof. Hněvkovský. Due to the foundation of the Pediatric Faculty of the Charles University in 1945 the clinic becomes a base for learning orthopedics for student of general medicine as well as for pediatricians. Gradually, however the clinic is permanently attached to the Faculty of Pediatrics / now it is the Second Faculty of medicine of the Charles University. After most of the institutes and clinics moved to Motol the clinic remains for a long time a detached facility. In the seventies though during the leadership of prof. Popelka surgeries of joint replacement were held. In 1978 the firs in CZ replacement of knee joint with the prosthesis was held in the clinic. In 1983 the clinic moved to Motol, but the adult wards were temporarily abolished. The new head of the clinic becomes prof. Kubát and new progressive methods are being practiced- the surgery of scoliosis, congenital and acquired disorders, prolongation of the limbs and children’s traumatology. The wards for adult patients were opened again in 1984 on the Charles’s square and in September the clinic organizes the first orthopedic congress in its history. Due to the political changes in 1989 the new head of the clinic becomes doc. Smetana, who enhances the therapeutic activity by the development of surgery of children affected by cerebral palsy.

In 1995 the ward for the adult patients moves to the makeshift of the children’s building in Motol and till 1998 the whole clinic is moved to the “blue pavilion”- the adults ward facility.

In the beginning of 2000 the head of the clinic becomes doc.Tomáš Trč. The state of the clinic within the hospital and the faculty stabilizes. In 2003 the facility of one-day surgery, including the new arthroscopic ward is being launched. Nowadays the clinic specializes in the areas of orthopedics and traumatology of children and adults. The conciliar activities are held within the whole republic in the areas of child orthopedic (congenital and acquired disorders, tumors oh the movement apparatus, deformities of the neurological cause, prolongation of the limbs). Also the surgery of the joint replacements, arthroscopic methods the use of the noninvasive accesses, computer navigated surgeries and genetic therapy methods are being developed. 



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