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Instrumental Equipment

The department is equipped with devices enabling non-invasive functional stress diagnostics on top international level. Patients as well as healthy people of various age (from children to the elderly), weight (from approx. 20 kg to 150 kg and more), sport performance ( from handicapped patients to top-level sportsmen) and also of various state of locomotive system (including patients with movement restricted in supporting joints, after amputation etc.) can be tested.

The department operates with several types of ergometers enabling examination in dynamic performance. 

  • bicycle ergometer, including adjustments for children
  • running machine (treadmill)
  • crank ergometer (winch)

We also provide orthostatic test on tilt bed and static stress test.

Other Equipment

We normally use many diagnostic devices and methods such as resting and stress ECG, quick analyser of respired air (CPX – oxygen consumption, CO2 output, minute ventilation etc.) which enable defining anaerobic ventilation threshold, devices for spirometry, analysis of stress spirometric curves, pulse oxymetry (SaO2), manual dynamometry or enable also 24-hour blood pressure monitoring (ABPM). Blood stress pressure is tested only by experienced nurse. 



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