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The Quality and Safety of Health Services

Accreditation Certificate is Valid

The audit of the United Accreditation board o.p.s took place on the last week of November 2011. It was very important for hospital. After a five year effort of creating an authentic system for controlling a quality of medical services based on chosen standard of quality, the first accreditation certificate was awarded to UH Motol in January 2009. The accreditation was successful and hospital received its first attestation. This followed by three-year period that was dedicated to consolidation of the quality control system and improving information service for supervisors. Today, the data collection is part of everyday life for supervisors at all levels.

We have created an environment where interest in quality of all major processes that influence results of health care and patient’s safety are the matter of course. We have learned to measure the quality of processes and then use the results. Second audit was in the name of changes. One part of the hospital was under reconstruction and changes were also made to the United Accreditation board the Czech Republic. The Accreditation board is a member of the International Society for Quality in health care (ISQua). All standards are thus guaranteed by an international facility.

There was a major transformation of the environment where we, the providers of health care work. The organizing facility- MZCZ started to execute significantly its function in the field of health care. The health service law contains explicit assignation about quality control and health care safety in organizations that provide health care as well as assignations for legal outlines for organizations that are dealing with quality control and safety of care in field of accreditations and certifications.

Regaining of accreditation was in hands of professional team that reviewed system of quality control and verified observance of each standard. On the team’s recommendation SAK CZ has granted the accreditation certificate to our hospital without any conditions. It is a success. For us, this ended the period concentrating on creating standard requirements for providing care. Another reaccreditation is matter of course and we should prove this in 3 years.

MUDr. Otakar Buda, MBA


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