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Motol Assistance Program for adult patients

Motol Assistance for adult patients:

Complex preventive medical check-up once a year includes:

  • complete personal and family anamneses, complete physical examination - eye tests, blood pressure examination, ECG (Holter for 24 hours if needed) and tentative hearing tests, tentative neurological examination, tentative spirometry, urinalysis. 
  • blood examination: Na, K, Cl, Ca, Fe, Mg, bili, LFT (ALP, ALT, AST, GMT), urea, creatinine, CB, albumin, uric acid, amylase, CBC, CRP, ERS, glycemia, complete lipoprotein (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, TG), quick, APTT, TSH, HBA1C. The testing may be expanded after a consultation with the patient. 
    abdominal ultrasound, heart and lungs X-ray if indicated, test for occult blood in the stool (endoscopy or colonoscopy if necessary), PSA testing for men (urological examination if necessary), gynecological examination for women, dermatologic examination (prevention of skin cancer)
  • Health monitoring - Motol Assistance personal doctor
  • Examinations in all specialized clinics of University Hospital Motol
  • We provide and manage hospitalization if needed, superior room and food included
  • Service management minimizing time losses and effective usage of time spent in our hospital (call service – planning of preventive medical check-ups and other indicated examination, arranging a taxi, managing hotel if required, contacting foreign insurance company if needed)
  • Phone call assistance service managed by front-desk staff within office hours of Motol Assistance Program
  • Call service 24/7
  • Possibility of English communication with Motol Assistance staff
  • Organization of an ambulance transport from the hospital to your home within Prague according to doctor’s recommendation and indication
  • Managing an emergency service outside office hours via Emergency Department of University Hospital Motol



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