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Health Care Services for Foreigners

In this section you will find useful information on what to do if you are a foreigner and you do not have Czech public health insurance. The following information applies also to Czech citizens, who live permanently abroad and who no longer have Czech public health insurance.

Conversely, if you are a foreigner, and you have Czech public health insurance, the same rules apply for you as for Czech policyholders. If you have a non-acute health problem, you should first visit your general practitioner during his/her office hours. If you do not have a general practitioner yet, it is necessary to register with one at the place of your residence. If your general practitioner provides you with a request for an examination by a specialist, you can make an appointment by phone (see contacts for specialised departments).  In the case of acute health problems or during emergency hours when your general practitioner is not available, you can visit Motol University Hospital without any recommendations. According to the nature of your health problem, you can visit the emergency departments: Emergency Department, Department of Urgent Medicine, Traumatology Department, or one of the specialized departments, which are open 24 hours - Gynaecology, Urology, ENT and Surgery department. As you come with your children you can visit Emergency and Department of Urgent Medicine for Children. If you decide to visit Motol University Hospital during normal working hours without the recommendation of your general practitioner, please contact the appropriate department to ask whether it is possible to have an examination without a previous appointment.

In the information below, you will find detailed instructions for clients without public insurance, what to do in specific situations, according to your citizenship and insurance.

We are kindly asking all patients (except 1.2 here) to come to our department before an examination to carry out the necessary administration (if your medical condition allows). If you're coming in emergency hours when our department is closed, or your medical condition does not allow you to come to us, you can go straight to one of the emergency departments (Emergency Department, Department of Urgent Medicine, Traumatology Department), or to one of the specialised departments, which are open 24 hours (Gynaecology, Urology, ENT, Surgery Department), respectively to Emergency Department or Department of Urgent Medicine for Children with children. You will fill out the form with all the personal information (address, phone number, ID number, etc.), and information about insurance. In this case, you will come to our department after the examination. If you receive treatment when our department is closed, we will contact you the following day in order to agree on a method of payment, unless it will be possible to solve it directly with the insurance company.

In the case of acute health problems you can come to the hospital without appointment and without recommendation. If you need an examination to be done by specialist, we recommend you to make an appointment. In the case of some examinations you will first need the recommendation of you general practitioner (Family doctor).


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