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4th year


  1. Emergency situation in pulmonology  (presentation Nr.1)
  2. 2.      Bronchoscopy   (presentation Nr.2) 
  3. 3.      Acute and chronic respiratory insuficiency (presentation Nr.3) 
  4. COPD  (presentation Nr.4)
  5. Dyspnoe  (presentation Nr.5)
  6. Ashtma  bronchiale  (presentation Nr.6)
  7. Intersticial lung diseases   (presentation Nr.7+7a+7b) 
  8. Haemopthysis  (presentation Nr.8)
  9. Pneumonias  (presentation Nr.9)

10.  Pleural effusion (presentation Nr.10)

11.  Tuberculosis (presentation Nr.11)

12.  Lung cancer (presentation Nr.12)



1.  Examination methods in gastroenterology and hematology (presentation Nr.1)

2.  Gastroesophageal reflux disease. Peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum.     (presentation Nr.2+3+4) 

3.  Tumours of stomach, nonspecific inflammatory bowel disease (presentation Nr.2+3+4, 3a + 3b) 

4.  Intestinal polyps, cancer of large intestine  and rectum (presentation Nr.2+3+4) 

5.  Gastrointestinal bleeding, chronic pancreatitis (presentation Nr.5a + 5b)

6.  Cholelithiasis and its complications (presentation Nr.6)


7.  Chronic hepatitis, cirhosis of the liver (presentation 7a + 7b) 

8.  Portal hypertension, hepatic failure (presentation Nr.8a + 8b) 

9.  Differential diagnosis of jaundice (presentation Nr.9) 

10. Differential diagnosis of fever states (presentation Nr.10) 


Diabetology and metabolism:

  1. 1.      Diabetes mellitus part I (presentation is not available) 
  2. Diabetes mellitus part II (presentation Nr. 2a + 2b)
  3. Treatment of diabetes mellitus (presentation Nr. 3)
  4. Nutritional disorders (obesity, kachexia), hyperuricaemia, porphyria (presentation Nr.4)
  5. Disorders of lipid metabolism, atherosclerosis and endothelial dysfunction (presentation Nr. 5)



1. Acute coronary syndromes (presentation is not available)

2. Atherosclerosis and chronic coronary heart disease (presentation Nr.2)

3. Valvular heart disease (presentation is not available)

      4. Arrhythmias (presentation is not available)

      5.  Congestive heart failure (presentation is not available)

  1. Cor pulmonale, pulmonary embolism (presentation Nr.6)
  2. Hypertension (presentation Nr.7)
  3. Shock (presentation Nr.8)
  4. Cardiomyopathies (presentation is not available)

10.  Myocarditis, pericarditis, endokarditis (presentation is not available)

11.  Differential diagnosis of chest pains (presentation Nr.11)

12.  Bacic ECG records (presentation Nr.12a + 12b + 12c)

13.  Disorders of limb arteries and veins (presentation Nr.13)






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