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Assessment and treatment of ADHD

Ellen B. Braaten, PhD - Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School


This seminar will offer an in-depth review of the latest research and advances in ADHD, including assessment of ADHD and comorbidities, behavioral interventions, neuropsychology and genetics.  While the focus will be on pediatrics, a development-lifespan perspective will be used.  Learning Objectives would include:

  • Recognize the presentation, diagnosis, comorbidity, and current treatment options for individuals with ADHD.
  • Review the presentation of ADHD across the life span, risk factors related to the disorder (with a specific emphasis on the role of processing speed), gender, and genetic contributions of ADHD
  • Differentiate common co-morbid conditions, specifically learning disabilities, substance use, mood disorders, and anxiety.
  • Review empirically-validated therapies for ADHD, including school-based services, family treatment, individual treatment, cognitive-behavioral, integrative, and multi-modal interventions.


SYLLABUS:  Assessment and treatment of ADHD

The seminar is held in the pavilon n. 16. 


WEEK 1:  Definitions and Overview of ADHD

23.10. 2018 8.30


WEEK 2:  Assessment of ADHD:  Neuropsychological and Behavioral Assessments

1.11. 2018 8.30


WEEK 3:  Educational Assessment and School Accommodations for Children and Adolescents with ADHD

7.11. 2018 8.30


WEEK 4:  Assessment of Dyslexia and Co-Morbid Learning Disabilities in the Context of ADHD

13.11. 2018 8.30


WEEK 5:  Processing Speed and its Relationship with ADHD

27.11. 2018 8.30


WEEK 6:  Deficient Emotional Self-Regulation in ADHD

11.12. 2018 8.30


WEEK 7:  CBT and Psychosocial Treatments in ADHD (Children and Adults)

19.12. 2018 8.30


WEEK 8:  ADHD Case Studies:  Assessment and Management of ADHD in the Context of Autism Spectrum

2.1. 2019 8.30


WEEK 9:  ADHD Case Studies:  Assessment and Management of ADHD with Co-Morbid Substance Use Disorders and Mood Disorders

9.1. 2019 8.30


WEEK 10:  Special Topics in ADHD: 

                               -ADHD and Mania

                               -Driving and Working Memory Impairments in ADHD

                               -ADHD, Tics and Tourette’s Disorder

22.1. 2019 8.30




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