Modernization and renewal of the equipment of the complex oncological care center of the University Hospital in Motol II

Registration number: CZ.1.06 / 3.2.01 / 14.08963

Brief description of the project: In 2009, the project Modernization and renewal of the instrumentation of the Oncological Care Center of the University Hospital in Motol was implemented, to which this second project is thematically directly related.

The project from the 14th time-limited call for the area of ​​support 3.2.IOP was partially subsidized by a European Union grant from the European Regional Development Fund. Implementation of the project began on 1 December 12 and was completed on 2013 June 30. The total final amount of the project was CZK 6.

The University Hospital focused its project on increasing the quality of radiation treatment and modernizing imaging diagnostic technologies at the KOC FN Motol, which together with the ÚVN cooperation group and Na Homolce Hospital provides comprehensive care for cancer patients.

This project was in line with the hospital's development plans and is part of the concept of oncological care in the Czech Republic. The modernization and renewal of devices and the acquisition of new technology have made it possible to increase the quality of care provided and reduce the necessary radiation exposure of patients.

The following devices were purchased from the project:

  • Spect camera
  • MR 1,5 T
  • Dosimetry
  • 2 ultrasounds
  • CT Multispiral
  • Skiagraphy
  • 2 digital mobile X-rays
  • Diagnostic electron microscope
  • Dyeing machine
  • Tissue processing machine
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