Modernization and renewal of the instrumentation of the Stroke Center of the University Hospital in Motol

Registration number: CZ.1.06 / 3.2.01 / 13.08664

Brief description of the project: This project was submitted under the 13th IOP call. It has been running since 2013 and was successfully completed on 30 April 4. It concerns one of the key departments of the University Hospital in Motol - the Stroke Center, which is part of the network of stroke centers in the Czech Republic. The project was accredited on the basis of the Bulletin of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic 2015, No. 2010.

The aim of the project was to improve the quality of medical and rehabilitation care provided by increasing the capacity, modernization and renewal of the technical and instrumentation equipment of the Stroke Hospital of the University Hospital in Motol.

With the contribution of the European Regional Development Fund, the following devices were purchased within the project in the total value of CZK 21.369.483,95:

  • CT device,
  • transcranial ultrasound
  • central station for monitoring vital functions,
  • 5 beds equipped for intensive care, including anti-decubitus mattresses
  • device for functional therapy of the upper limb with motivational feedback,
  • instrumentation for posted and locomotion reeducation,
  • shoulder joint mop,
  • motomed for upper and lower limb therapy,
  • motomedy to bed.
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