Modernization and renewal of the instrumentation of the trauma center of the University Hospital in Motol II.

Registration number: CZ.1.06 / 3.2.01 / 18.09300

Brief description of the project: In 2009, the University Hospital implemented the project Modernization and renewal of the equipment of the Trauma Center of the University Hospital in Motol, which increased the quality of equipment and thus the conditions for providing specialized and super specialized care for adult and pediatric patients with serious injuries. This new project was its continuation with the aim of creating a quality modern trauma center in the Czech Republic. The new devices acquired from this 18th time-limited call for support area 3.2 of the IOP serve to ensure and monitor the vital functions of patients during transport, resuscitation and intensive care, and to increase the quality and number of imaging diagnostic technologies. The implementation of the project started on 1.1.2015 January 31.12.2015 and was completed on XNUMX December XNUMX.

With the contribution of the European Regional Development Fund, devices with a total value of CZK 98 were purchased within the project:

Within the part of the center for adult patients

  • Ultrasound device
  • Mobile X-ray machine - 2 pieces
  • X-ray C arm - 2 pieces
  • Angiographic line

and for the children's part of the center

  • Mobile X-ray machine - 2 pieces
  • X-ray C arm
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