Support for highly specialized care in the field of perinatology at the University Hospital in Motol

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Brief description of the project:

The project is focused on the modernization and renewal of the equipment of the center of highly specialized intensive care in perinatology at the University Hospital in Motol. The output of the project will be both an increase in the standard of equipment in terms of quality and safety, and supplementing the necessary specific capacities of the center, which already has a good standard of technological equipment, but has a limited amount of investment for further development and innovation.

EU financial support is provided for the project.

With the contribution of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the State Budget of the Czech Republic, the following equipment was purchased within the project in the total value of CZK 70 incl. VAT.

  • Incubator combined with heated bed 7 pcs
  • Incubator for intensive care with a high hygienic standard, 8 pcs
  • Incubator for standard care with a high hygienic standard, 5 pcs
  • Transport incubator with pulmonary ventilator, 1 pc
  • Phototherapeutic LED unit 7pcs
  • Mobile LED phototherapy with height adjustment, 8 pcs
  • Resuscitation device, 7 pcs
  • Vital signs monitor, 35 pcs
  • Central monitoring station for vital signs monitors, 3 pcs
  • Brain function monitor, 1pc
  • Anesthesiology device with vital signs monitoring unit, 1 pc
  • Lung ventilator, 10 pcs
  • Respiratory support device, 6 pcs
  • Transport ventilator for artificial lung ventilation, 1 pc
  • High frequency lung ventilator, 3 pcs
  • High-flow humidification cannula, 3 pcs
  • Device for controlled hypothermia, 1 pc
  • Cardiotocograph (CTG) for twins, 12 pcs
  • Premium ultrasound diagnostic device, 1 pc
  • Middle class ultrasound device, 6 pcs
  • Mobile sonograph - duplex doppler, 1 pc
  • Detector for mobile X-ray device (evaluation), 1 pc
  • Video laryngoscope, 1 pc
  • Ictometer, 2 pcs
  • Bed-side analyzer, 1 pc
  • Mobile operating table, 1 pc
  • Adjustable hospital bed, 60 pcs
  • Gynecological examination chair, 6 pcs
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