Improving the early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of severe disorders of reproduction, prenatal and postnatal development in children and adults

European Regional Development Fund
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Registration number: CZ.2.16 / 3.1.00 / 24022

Brief description of the project: The basic goals of the project include the following research issues:

  • improvement of methods of reproductive genetics and medicine,
  • building a molecular genetic center for preimplantation, prenatal and postnatal molecular genetic diagnostics,
  • improvement of clinical genetic methods to reduce the risk of blindness or severe visual impairment,
  • the use of the latest clinical-genetic molecular-genetic and immunogenetic methods to improve diagnostics and transplantation therapy in children with the most severe immune disorders and hematopoietic malignancies or tumors.

The ultimate goal is therefore to complete nine integrated research centers focusing on more promising areas of contemporary genetics and genomics:

  • reproductive genetics,
  • cryopreservation of reproductive tissues and cells,
  • molecular cytogenetics,
  • postnatal molecular genetic diagnostics,
  • prenatal genetic diagnostics,
  • neurogenetics,
  • ophthalmogenetics,
  • oncogenetic,
  • immunooncogenetic diagnostics.

Project leader: doc. MD Milan Macek, CSc.

Project Manager: Ing. Martin Půlpitel

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