Dg C20 / rectal cancer

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Registration number: CZ.2.17 / 1.1.00 / 32257

In the Czech Republic, 8000 patients with colorectal cancer are diagnosed every year, 2000 of them with rectal cancer (diagnosis C 20). Despite current multimodal treatment options, this tumor remains a serious disease with up to 50% mortality. Proper use of modern treatment options requires qualified research and professional teams of top medical institutions. However, the wider and effective use of oncosurgical research, as well as the related knowledge of biostatistics in practice, requires interdisciplinary education of oncology and surgical staff and students and experts in biostatistics.

The aim of the project was further training of science and research staff working in oncological surgery, partly in biostatistics, especially experts - doctors at surgical clinics and students interested in science and research in employment with the applicant, especially through the establishment of study and subsequently as well as the practical use of the teaching and research portal containing the patient database (register Dg C20). The project was primarily focused on the education of researchers and experts - physicians working at the University Hospital in Motol, but it was also open to other experts - researchers from Prague hospitals and Prague medical faculties (1st and 2nd Medical Faculty, Charles University).

The implementation of the project increased the professional qualifications of the target groups and created direct preconditions for further cooperation of the involved science and research workers with medical practice in building the national register Dg C20. The project partner was the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyzes of Masaryk University in Brno, which has long cooperated with the University Hospital in Motol and other experts from the medical faculties of Charles University in oncological and biostatistic research.

Project leader: prof. MD Jiří Hoch CSc.

Project Manager: Ing. Jiří Koubek

Project website: https://www.rectum.cz

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