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Registration number: CZ.2.17 / 1.1.00 / 36138

Brief description of the project: The dynamic development of the Czech healthcare system also brings with it new, resp. higher, requirements for knowledge and skills of health professionals in the field of communication, patient education and management, which are given very little attention in the system of undergraduate training of health professionals. The project responds to these current requirements and focuses primarily on further professional education of employees of the Motol University Hospital who are on the threshold of their professional life, ie employees up to the age of 30 or before its end, ie medical staff after the completion of 50 year of age. The aim of the project is to facilitate these groups of employees to adapt to the changed working conditions by deepening their qualifications through further vocational training in order to maintain their employment. In the field of education, the project pursues three sub-objectives:

  • creating preconditions for the formation of the desired communication style between medical staff and patients in terms of applying the principles of pro-client communication in practice for new employees of the Motol University Hospital, usually school graduates;
  • increasing and deepening the educational competencies of selected general nurses and other non-medical health professionals;
  • Acquisition and deepening of managerial competencies of middle or lower medical management, or other employees, which will enable the updating of their managerial skills and thus contribute to their personal and managerial development and their job stabilization at the Motol University Hospital.

Project realization: The project is implemented from 01.09. 2013 to 31.08. 2014 in the form of a comprehensive system of dynamically conducted professional courses, which contain elements of interactive exercises, solutions and analysis of model situations, video training and other modern didactic methods. Further information about the project and educational events can be found on the intranet by Motol University Hospital employees.

Main researcher of the project: PhDr. Daniel Jirkovsky, Ph.D., MBA

Project manager: Bc. Barbora Sedakovová

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