FN Motol is establishing a new Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine

Prague, August 31, 2022 – From September 1, a completely new clinic will start operating, which will continue and develop the activities of the current Infectious Diseases Department of the Motol General Hospital. The clinic will provide patients with both outpatient and inpatient care. The infectious inpatient ward will initially have a capacity of 23 beds, in the future it should be expanded to 40 beds for adult patients (of which 5-7 in the intermediate care mode*) and 20 beds for children.

In recent years, the issue of infectious diseases has increasingly come to the forefront of the medical and public spheres. "Not only the complex covid pandemic, but new or re-emerging infections, increasing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, increasingly frequent tourist and work trips to exotic areas or refusal of vaccination are the main reasons why infectious medicine is constantly gaining in importance," says MUDr. Milan Trojánek, Ph.D., head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of the UK and Motol Medical University.

The care provided will be focused not only in the standard direction, but will also focus on modern methods with an emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation and a consultative approach. Cooperation with the Institute of Medical Microbiology of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of the UK and the Motol Medical University and the inclusion of infectious disease consultants in the treatment teams at individual clinics will be of particular importance. Their main scope of work will include differential diagnosis of infections and non-infectious diseases that may manifest themselves with similar symptoms (fever and inflammation of unclear etiology, nodular syndrome, etc.), antibiotic therapy of less frequent or difficult-to-treat infections, diagnosis and therapy of infections associated with the provision of health care care and development of the antibiotic stewardship program (i.e., an approach that defines the correct use of antimicrobial substances introduced throughout the health system on the basis of ensuring monitoring and support for their judicious use in order to maintain the effectiveness of these drugs in the future) at FN Motol. "Our goal is to provide quality and comprehensive care for infectious patients using modern scientific knowledge and principles of evidence-based medicine, while experience from abroad shows that the care of our patients must be based on interdisciplinary cooperation, for which FN Motol provides optimal facilities, adds Milan Trojánek.

It will also be set up within the clinic Center for patients with febrile and inflammatory conditions of unclear etiology, Vaccination Center (vaccination at own request, vaccination of risk groups of patients) and comprehensive Travel medicine center (advice before travel, vaccination, diagnosis and treatment of patients with health problems after returning from the tropics), which will supplement the existing Center for the treatment of viral hepatitis and Center for the treatment of drug users. In addition, the plan is to establish a station for ABBOT (outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy) and expanding the operation of specialized infectious disease clinics.

Inpatient care will be intended primarily for the diagnosis and therapy of conditions requiring specialized infectious disease care and for the therapy of community and nosocomial infections that require an isolation regime to prevent further transmission of the infection.

* intermediate care – this is a method of medical and health care that is on the borderline between intensive and standard care

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Pavlína Danková, phone: 724 227 503, e-mail: pavlina.dankova@fnmotol.cz

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