Why work at FN Motol?

  • Work in prestigious accredited medical facility
  • Safe and modern working environment
  • Quality professional training system
  • Professional and personal development with the possibility of further education
  • Very good financial evaluation
  • Contributions for vacation, culture, sports and other activities
  • Contributions to camps, sports or holidays for your children
  • Cheap accommodation for non-Prague


  • Surcharges (for management, night work, etc.)
  • Remuneration (for on-call duty, jubilee…)
  • 5 weeks holiday (+ 3 days extra paid leave)
  • Boarding in your own dining room at an unbeatable price!
  • Hostel for those outside Prague
  • Contributions from FKSP
  • Own recreational facilities (Krkonoše, Slapy)
  • Sports equipment
  • Motoláček's own kindergarten (
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