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Teaching and science

Children’s Heart Centre has been accredited by the Czech Ministry of Health for postgraduate teaching, examining postgraduate students and providing board certificates in paediatric cardiology.

Pregraduate teaching

Teaching of cardiology and cardiac surgery at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

Postgraduate training available (tutor)

  • Paediatric cardiology (Prof. Václav Chaloupecký, MD, PhD.)
  • Paediatric cardiac surgery (Prof. Tomáš Tláskal, MD, Ph.D, FETCS)
  • Echocardiography in children (Viktor Tomek, MD, PhD., Jan Škovránek, MD, PhD.)
  • Prenatal echocardiography (Viktor Tomek, MD, PhD., Jan Škovránek, MD, PhD.)
  • Extracorporeal circulation/ECMO (Tomáš Matějka, MD)
  • Invasive cardioangiology and interventional heart catheterisation in children (Petr Tax, MD., Aassoc. Prof Oleg Reich, MD, PhD.)
  • Electrocardiography and electrophysiology in children (Prof. Jan Janoušek, MD, Ph.D., Peter Kubuš, MD)
  • Intensive care in children (Pavel Vojtovič, MD)
  • Essential clinical diagnostics of congenital heart defects (Helena Bartáková, MD)

Postgradual courses

  • „Heart Diseases in Children – the Diagnostics and Treatment“, one-week postgraduate course of paediatric cardiology and cardiovascular surgery,
  • EKG and echocardiography week-end course for paediatricians and paediatric cardiologists



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