Department of Pediatric Neurology, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Motol University Hospital

Basic information

The Department of Pediatric Neurology of the 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University and the Motol University Hospital is the largest institution of pediatric neurology in the Czech Republic. We provide diagnosis and treatment of children with diseases of the nervous system from 4 weeks to the age of 18 (exceptionally also to elderly patients). We try to operate as a superconsulting workplace for all neurological diagnoses of childhood throughout the Czech Republic. Some diagnostic and treatment programs (eg epileptosurgery program) also provide care to patients from abroad.

The diagnoses we deal with in our workplace include epilepsy (from childcare after the first seizure to complex interdisciplinary programs such as epileptosurgery and epileptogenetics), acute and chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases of the nervous system, neuromuscular diseases, neurocutaneous syndromes ( eg neurofibromatosis or tuberous sclerosis), neurodevelopmental diseases (eg cerebral palsy, developmental dysphasia), CNS developmental anomalies, suspected tumors or other expansive processes of the nervous system, vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord, neurogenetic, neurometabolic and neurodegenerative diseases in children, non-acute post-traumatic conditions, including care for apallic children, sleep disorders.

We have two inpatient stations, including an intensive care unit of a lower type (ie without equipment for the care of patients with failure of basic vital functions). We have a total of 40 beds for patients, of which 6 beds in the ICU and 6 beds in video / EEG and printing monitoring. The clinic also includes the Electrophysiological Laboratory providing a complete spectrum of electrophysiological diagnostics in childhood (ie electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG), all evoked potential modalities (EP), intraoperative monitoring and sleep laboratory) and a DNA laboratory dealing with the diagnosis of selected genetic conditions. diseases, such as hereditary neuropathies and epileptic encephalopathies. We run a general neurological outpatient clinic and a number of specialized outpatient clinics within the polyclinic of the children's section of the Motol University Hospital. In cooperation with other workplaces of the children's section of the Motol University Hospital, our clinic provides a wide range of consulting activities.

As a university workplace, we are also intensively engaged in teaching and research activities. The clinic offers pre- and postgraduate education in several areas, including pre-certification training for pediatric neurologists. We participate in a number of scientific research projects, often within the framework of interdisciplinary and international cooperation. In recent years, our clinic has been ranked high in the evaluation of research activities of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Motol University Hospital (data from 2019: 33 primary publications in journals with IF with a total IF of 167,65).

History of the clinic

The clinic was founded on January 19.1.1971, 1914 as the first independent clinical department of pediatric neurology in our country and one of the first in the world. Its founder was Professor Ivan Lesný (2002-1957), an extraordinary figure of world importance, one of the founders of the field of pediatric neurology not only in our country but also in Europe. He was one of the most talented students of the famous neurologist academician Kamil Henner. Already in 1958, he founded the Section of Pediatric Neurology at the Czechoslovak Neurological Society JE Purkyně as the first scientific organization of pediatric neurology in the world. In addition, Professor Lesný also founded the Section of Neurophysiology and the Czech League Against Epilepsy within the Czechoslovak Neurological Society. In the XNUMXs, independent professional societies of ČLS JEP were established from these sections. Already in XNUMX, he and his colleagues organized the "Days of Pediatric Neurology" for the first time, which were later established as a traditional platform for annual meetings of Czech and world neurologists.

Professor Lesný ran the clinic for 11 years (until 1982). He was succeeded by Professor Jaromír Svatý (1982), Professor Miloš Lehovský (1983-1990) and Professor Vladimír Komárek (1991-2016). Since January 2017, Professor Pavel Kršek has been running the clinic.

Among other important personalities in the history of our workplace, we will mention Associate Professor Karel Brachfeld, Associate Professor Miroslav Rössler, Mayor Pavel Kocura and Mayor Miluša Prošková. Our current team is presented on the following pages.

The head
Prof. MD Pavel Kršek, Ph.D.

Doc. MD Jana Haberlová, Ph.D.

Head nurse
Gabriela Pavlova

Secretariat - FN Motol
Alena Skrabankova, DiS.
+224 433 301

Bc. Zuzana Petova
+224 433 304

Secretariat - 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University
Renata Todtová
+224 433 302

Management and staff

The head

Prof. MD Pavel Kršek, Ph.D.
Phone: 224 433 301, e-mail:

Deputy Head for Medical and Preventive Activities - Primary

Doc. MD Jana Haberlová, Ph.D.
Phone: 224 433 301, e-mail:

Deputy head for educational and scientific activities

MD Martin Kudr, Ph.D.
Phone: 224 433 358, e-mail:

Head nurse

Gabriela Pavlova
Phone: 224 433 305, e-mail:

Secretariat of the Motol University Hospital

Alena Skrabankova, DiS.
Phone: 224 433 301, e-mail:

Ing. Štěpánka Mizerová, e-mail:
Ivana Růžičková, e-mail:

Secretariat of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

Renata Todtová
Phone: 224 433 302, e-mail:

Chief physicians of inpatient departments

Department 3C: MUDr. Lukáš Paulas
Phone: 224 433 350, e-mail:

Department 3B: MUDr. Alena Tesfaye
Phone: 224 433 374, e-mail:

Chief Physician of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

MD Miroslav Maminák
Phone: 224 433 3357, e-mail:

Chief Physician of the Electrophysiology Laboratory

MUDr. Katalin Štěrbová
Phone: 224 433 369, e-mail:

Chief ambulance doctor

MD Renata Cíbochová
Phone: 224 433 834, e-mail:

Chief Physician of the Neurogenetic Laboratory

Doc. MD Petra Laššuthová, Ph.D.

Phone: 224 436 789, e-mail:


Doctors specializing
MD Anežka Bělohlávková, Ph.D., e-mail:
MUDr. Matthias Ebel, e-mail:
MD Ludvíka Faladová, e-mail:
MD Petra Fuchsová, maternity leave
Doc. MD Jana Haberlová, Ph.D., E-mail:
MD Alena Jahodová, Ph.D., e-mail:
Prof. MUDr. Vladimir Komarek, CSc., E-mail:
MUDr. Josef Kraus, CSc., E-mail:
MD Zuzana Libá, Ph.D., e-mail:
MD Michaela Lifková, e-mail:
MUDr. Miroslav Mamanak, e-mail:
MUDr. Katerina Paderova, e-mail:
MD Ivana Perníková, e-mail:
MUDr. Bořivoj Petrák, CSc., E-mail:
MD Jana Pokorná, e-mail:
MD Věra Sebroňová, email:
MD Lucie Šimková, maternity leave
MD Rosa Vydrová, e-mail: rosa
MD Alena Zumrová, Ph.D., e-mail:
MD Anežka Žáková, e-mail:

Doctors without specialization

MD Marie Bartoníčková, e-mail:
MD Jonáš Boruta, e-mail:
MD Anežka Dolanská, e-mail:
MD Michal Gloser, e-mail:
MD Markéta Kumhera, maternity leave
MD Barbora Lauerová, e-mail:
MD Ludmila Novotná, e-mail:
MD David Pazdírek, e-mail:
MD Marie Rohlenová, e-mail:
MD Barbora Splítková, e-mail:
MD Anna Svěráková, e-mail:
MD Diana Štefanková, e-mail:
MD Lucie Šťovíčková, e-mail:
MUDr. Tomas Toman, e-mail:
MD Martin Tůma, e-mail:
MD Martin Vybíral, e-mail:

M.Sc. Kateřina Bukačová, e-mail:
M.Sc. Alice Maulis, Ph.D., email:
M.Sc. Jitka Venclová Žáčková, e-mail:

Neurogenetic laboratory

RNDr. Jan Jencik, e-mail:
Ing. Lucie Sedlackova, Ph.D., e-mail:
MD Barbora Straka, Ph.D., e-mail:
prof. MD Pavel Seeman, Ph.D., e-mail:
Ing. David Stanek, Ph.D., e-mail:
Doc. MD Dana Šafka Brožková, Ph.D., e-mail:
RNDr. Anna Uhrová Mészárosová, Ph.D., e-mail:

Information for patients


The outpatient clinic of the Children's Neurology Clinic is located on the 3rd floor, node E (polyclinic building).

Contact the ambulance: 224 433 834 or, if your child is already monitored with us.
If your child has an acute (urgent) neurological problem, you can visit our emergency department, which operates every working day from 8.30:15.30 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. The order of treatment for patients who have not been booked in advance is determined by a qualified doctor, taking into account the urgency of the symptoms. Please note that due to the busyness of the emergency ambulance the waiting time can be several hours in less urgent cases. The examination of the last patient begins at 15.00:XNUMX p.m. Patients who arrive outside of this time are treated at the Medical First Aid Service (LSPP) located on the lower ground floor of the children's section of the Motol General Hospital. LSPP operation is continuous.

If you want to book your child to one of our clinics (general, specialized, within one of the centers) and this is not an urgent case, it is necessary to submit a recommendation from a pediatrician or pediatric neurologist from the place of residence. We order on working days preferably at the following times: 7:30-8:00, 9:30-11:00 and 14:00-15:00

If you cannot reach this phone at the moment, the nurses are attending to other patients. Even in non-urgent cases, when ordering, we try to take into account the urgency and possible risks of postponing the examination, however, the average appointment time for our clinics is currently 3-4 months. Priority is given to patients requiring center care, which is not available outside the FN Motol. If a routine examination by a pediatric neurologist is indicated (e.g. due to specific learning disorders, hyperactivity, etc.), we recommend contacting a pediatric neurology clinic at the place of residence. Thank you for your understanding!

If your child is already monitored with us, you can use our email address for ordering and further communication It is always necessary to state the name of the patient, his year of birth and clearly formulate your request (e.g. date of outpatient check-up, reorder, sending prescription, etc.). The nurse will always reply to such an email. This e-mail address is not intended for consulting the health status of children who are not under long-term follow-up at our clinic!


We have 2 fully renovated ones available inpatient wards

Contact to nurse 3.B: 224 433 335
Contact to nurse 3.C: 224 433 334

With any questions about planned hospitalizations contact the clinic secretariat on phone no. +224 433 301 , if it is a case of hospitalization with video EEG, contact the laboratory staff at phone no. +224 433 360 .

We accept patients for planned hospitalization on the basis of a written recommendation from a pediatrician or a pediatric neurologist at the place of residence. Every request for hospitalization at the Pediatric Neurology Clinic is carefully assessed by a qualified doctor who will determine the priority of this request. Priority is given to children with acute or progressive problems and also with a disease that requires highly specialized (center) care, which is not available in other pediatric neurology inpatient departments in the Czech Republic. We would like to point out that due to the large number of requests it can be the waiting time for hospitalization for patients with non-acute problems is even more than 3 months. Thank you for your understanding.

About the date of hospitalization you will be informed by our secretariat, usually in the form of a letter sent to your home address approximately 1 month before the planned reception. 

Length of hospitalization depends entirely on the needs of the specific case (it is tailored to the child's diagnostic and treatment program). Parents will receive more detailed information about the stay at the clinic during the intake interview with the doctor.

Hospitalization of the accompanying child in the ward is possible up to 6 years of age of the child, or with a ZTP card holder, if the clinic's current operational capabilities allow. Other parents can use the dormitory on the hospital premises for an overnight stay (no reservation required).

We do not have superior rooms or studios available, a child with a possible escort is accepted into a 2-3 bed room, mostly with its own bathroom.

Detailed information (e.g. what to take with you to hospital) you will find  <a href="" data-gt-href-en="">HERE</a> or on a written invitation sent together with the date of admission to the parents' address. If necessary, there is a pharmacy, medical supplies, grocery store, hot snacks, or vending machines in the hospital complex.

Electrophysiological laboratory

If you are ordered for an examination in an electrophysiological laboratory and you would not be able to come by the given deadline, re-ordering is possible on the number +224 433 360 .

You can find information for children from Slovakia and other foreigners <a href="" data-gt-href-en="">HERE</a>

You can find information for parents of children invited as part of the epilepsy surgery program <a href="" data-gt-href-en="">HERE</a>

You can find information for parents of children invited to be examined in the sleep laboratory <a href="" data-gt-href-en="">HERE</a>

Clinic structure

Standard ward - 3rd floor B

18 standard beds (DNS2 station)

Department description:

  • 1x 2-bed room
  • 4x 3-bed room
  • 2x 1-bedded and 1x 2-bedded room for video / EEG and printing monitoring

Standard ward - 3rd floor C 

16 standard beds (DNS1 station) + 6 lower ICU beds including 1 heated bed (DNJ station)

Department description:

  • 1x 2-bedded room, 2x 4-bedded room, 2x3-bedded room
  • 2x 2-bedded room for ICU patients
  • 1x 2-bedded room video / EEG

Electrophysiological Laboratory - 3rd floor D

  • 2x EEG examination room
  • 2x EMG examination room
  • 1x examination room of evoked potentials
  • 1x description and archive of EEG records

Ambulance - 3rd floor E

Complement - 3rd floor D

  • offices of the clinic management and doctors, secretariat, library.

Complement - 10th floor C

  • medical rooms

Neurogenetic laboratory - pavilion 23

Specialized centers

Centers recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

Motol Epilepsy Center (Highly specialized care center for drug-resistant epilepsy)
Chief physician:
Prof. MD Pavel Kršek, Ph.D., e-mail:

Centers with international accreditation within the European Reference Network for Rare Diseases (European Reference Network - ERN)

ERN for rare and complex epilepsy (ERN EpiCARE)
Leading doctors:
Prof. MD Pavel Kršek, Ph.D., e-mail:;
MD Katalin Štěrbová, e-mail:

ERN for rare neuromuscular diseases (ERN NMD)
Chief physician:
MD Jana Haberlová, Ph.D., e-mail:

Center for Hereditary Ataxias in ERN Rare Neurological Diseases (ERN RND)
Chief physician:
MD Alena Zumrová, Ph.D., e-mail:

Centers recognized by the professional company ČLS JEP

Center for sleep disorders in children 
Chief physician:
MD Katalin Štěrbová, e-mail:;
MD Alena Tesfayeová, e-mail: alena.tesfayeová


Neurogenetic laboratory

Neurogenetic Laboratory of the Department of Pediatric Neurology, 2nd Medical Faculty, Charles University and University Hospital Motol (NGL) is a highly specialized university and hospital laboratory that combines the field of medical and preventive care, research and pedagogy. The laboratory has a tradition of more than twenty years and its focus is unique at the national level. The laboratory is accredited according to the international standard ČSN EN ISO 15189.

Medical preventive care NGL focuses on the diagnosis of genetic causes of hereditary neurological diseases, in particular hereditary Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathy, hereditary spastic paraparesis and other neuromuscular diseases, severe childhood epilepsy, rapid and severe neurodegeneration and hereditary non-syndromic hearing disorders.

The laboratory cooperates mainly with pediatric and adult neurology clinics throughout the Czech Republic, provides laboratory services for Motol University Hospital and other hospitals in the Czech Republic, both in the field of diagnostics and treatment and research of all diseases it deals with. The laboratory has long been involved in external quality assessment within the international quality control system The European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN).

Educational activity - NGL provides undergraduate teaching of domestic and foreign students of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, and postgraduate teaching of doctors and universities from other fields.

Scientific research activity represents a long-term important activity of the laboratory with many outputs in the form of numerous publications in foreign impact journals. The laboratory team is a successful solver of many grants and team members have won many important awards for publishing and research activities. The laboratory is dedicated to the search for new causes of hereditary neuropathy, research into less common types of neuropathy, spastic paraparesis, severe childhood epilepsy and hereditary deafness. The laboratory has been cooperating for a long time with several important foreign workplaces (Austria, Germany, USA). Scientific activity is closely intertwined with medical and preventive activities and represents a dynamically developing form of connecting research with practice.

Successes of the clinic on the website of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine

Activities of the clinic in 2022

The Department of Pediatric Neurology of the 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University and the Motol University Hospital has been helping for 50 years 

Activities of the clinic in 2020

Activities of the clinic in 2019 

Accreditation of the PPMD ​​Neuromuscular Center

The neuromuscular center was accredited by the Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD), the first in Europe.

Activities of the clinic in 2018

Donation account

We accept any donations on the basis of a donation contract issued by the clinic's secretariat (224 433 301 or e-mail: in cooperation with the Legal Department of the University Hospital in Motol.

Account number: 50008 - 17937051/0710, Czech National Bank
vs 2119

Thank you Mr. Pavel Jech and the company JECH CZ sro for the renovation of folding chairs to accompany our patients.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, we were supported by:

  • Mrs. Marie Maulis
  • MD Jana Kabelkova
  • Ing. Jana Hlavacka
  • Mrs. Veronika Strnadová

The Department of Pediatric Neurology in 2023 was supported by:

  • Ing. Martin Hrubes
  • The company FREKOMOS sro
  • Boheminium Mariánské Lázně, sro

The Department of Pediatric Neurology in 2022 was supported by:

  • INTAX, spol. s.r.o
  • pi. Martina Lovčíková
  • JUDr. Daniel. Křížková
  • Life for children ops
  • Ing. Ivan Heczko

The Department of Pediatric Neurology in 2019 was supported by:

  • Jan Bart
  • Ing. Tomáš Jeník - DESIGNER
  • The company FREKOMOS sro
  • Milan Zařicky
  • M.Sc. Daniela Saifrtová
  • The company DRAKO Investment, sro
  • The company VAVRUŠKA production sro
  • Company KRBY - KURKA
  • Students of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University (article on the website of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine)

Thank you very much to all donors!



Department of Pediatric Neurology, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University
V Úvalu 84
Prague 5
150 06

Secretariat of the Motol University Hospital

Alena Skrabankova, DiS.
Phone: 224 433 301, e-mail:

Ing. Štěpánka Mizerová, e-mail:
Ivana Růžičková, e-mail:

Secretariat of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

Renata Todtová
Phone: 224 433 302, e-mail:

The secretariats are located in the building of the Children's Hospital, 3rd floor, node D

Tel: +224 433 834

Nurse 3. B: 
Tel: +224 433 335

Nurse 3. C:
Tel: +224 433 334

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