Department of Emergency Admission and LSPP of Children

Basic information

The department consists of two parts:

  1. children's emergency (LSPP children) and children's income

Our patients are children aged 0 to 17 years +364 days, with acute health problems. They come most often accompanied by parents to the children's emergency room, or are brought by ambulance to the emergency room, if they are foreigners, who are then treated at the children's foreign clinic on weekdays. In total, we treat over 30 children a year.

MD Jitka Dissou, MBA
phone: 224 433 601

Head nurse
phone: 224 433 605

Management and staff


MD Jitka Dissou, MBA
tel.: 224433601

Head nurse:

Mgr. Ing. Monika Vilimova, DiS.
tel.: 224433605

Station nurse:

Jana Zacpalová
tel.: 224433626

M.Sc. Bc. Mariana Grimmer
tel.: 224433647


Children's emergency, children's reception

Child Emergency (LSPP Children)

Office hours: Po Fri 16:00 7: 00,
Sat, not non-stop

Phone: 22443 3653, 22443 3652

Location: on the lower ground floor E

For children with acute deteriorating health.


  • Pediatric
  • Surgical
  • Orthopedic
  • ORL
  • Dental surgery
  • Ocular
  • Neurological

Emergency fee: 90 CZK

(fee is payable on weekdays from 16:00 to 7:00, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays all day)

Office hours: Mon - Fri 7:30 - 16:00

Tel .: 22443 3652, 22443 3653

Location: same as LSPP children

Ambulance: Pediatric


Since September 2011, the children's emergency reception, the so-called EMERGENCIES.

We accept all pediatric patients brought by ambulance to the Motol University Hospital with acute health problems - internal and accidental.

The scope of our work is: taking over the patient from RZP, RLP, LZS, evaluation of the child's condition, quick diagnostics (laboratory and imaging, available to all children's specialties), acute treatment, according to the child's condition follows-

1 / transfer to the care of a specialist (hospitalization or outpatient treatment)

2 / observations on urgent admission

3 / dimise.

Available: 2 examination beds, 4 observation beds and 1 KAR box.

Telephone: 22443 3650 XNUMX (used to communicate with the emergency services dispatch center)

Location: SPD (lower ground floor, node D)

Donation account

A natural or legal person can become a donor. Donations can be made in kind or financially. It is not necessary to draw up a donation contract for financial donations up to CZK 5; if a financial donation of more than CZK 000 is accepted, a donation contract must be concluded between the donor and FN Motol.

account number: 50008-17937051 / 0710

variable symbol:  2194

Phone Numbers

Child Emergency (LSPP) - phone: 22443 3653, 22443 3652

Children's emergency reception - tel. 22443 3650

Where to find us

Child Emergency Services (LSPP), Child Reception - LSPP - lower ground floor E in the children's section, at the level of parking lot P4, at the orange pillars entrance on the right

Children's emergency reception - SPD (lower ground floor, node D), at the level of car park P4, entrance on the left by the orange pillars

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