Neonatal ward

Basic information

The neonatal ward with an intensive care unit is an integral part of the Perinatology Center Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, University Hospital in Motol and 2nd Medical Faculty, Charles University in Prague. Over 3000 newborns from Prague and other regions of the Czech Republic are born and treated here every year. The basic goal of our clinic is to provide gentle, considerate and at the same time effective, qualified neonatology care. We provide comprehensive care for newborns of all weight categories, especially the severely immature and critically ill, for whom the intensive care unit and the specialized care department are designated.

Clinic management

Head of department   

Doc. MD Jan Janota, Ph.D.   phone: 224 432 103 e-mail:

School representative for neonatology

Doc. MD Petr Zoban, CSc. phone: 224 432 102 e-mail:

Head nurse   

B.Sc. Renata Jungmannová phone: 224 432 105 e-mail: renata.jungmannova@


Ladislava Soukupová phone: 224 432 101 fax: 224 432 120 e-mail: ladislava.soukupova @ Sylva Haniková phone: 224 432 101 fax: 224 432 120 e-mail: sylva.hanikova @  

Intensive care and resuscitation unit:

Chief doctor

MD I recommend Brabec phone: 224 432 160 e-mail:  

Station nurse

Dana Vosátková phone: 224 432 107 e-mail:  

Specialized care unit:

Chief doctor

MD Jakub Tkaczyk phone: 224 432 102 e-mail:

Station nurse

BSc. Jana Jechová   phone: 224 432 108 e-mail:

Physiological newborn unit:

Chief doctor

MUDr. Petr Svihovec phone: 224 432 104 e-mail:

Station nurse

Dana Kott phone: 224 432 106 e-mail:


External doctors:

M.D. Ing. Radek Blažík e-mail: phone: 224 432 154 MD Jana Dorňáková e-mail: phone: 224 432 140 MUDr. Hana Dvorakova, Ph.D. e-mail: phone: 224 432 157 MD Martina Frantová e-mail: phone: 224 432 153 MD Kristina Kalužová e-mail: phone: 224 432 140 MD Veronika Karadyová e-mail: phone: 224 432 140 MD Petra Krupičková, Ph.D.e-mail: phone: 224 432 140 MD Aneta Kubátová e-mail: phone: 224 432 157 MD Marek Mojžíšek e-mail: phone: 224 432 154 MD Ekaterina Orlova e-mail: phone: 224 432 153 MD Katarína Tichá e-mail: phone: 224 432 153 MD Martin Trefny e-mail: phone: 224 432 104 MD Josef Urbanec e-mail: phone: 224 432 154 MD Ivan Balaščak e-mail: ivan.balascak@ phone: 224 432 154


There is an outpatient clinic for perinatally endangered children at the Neonatal Department, which consists of two parts. The first deals with immediate post-discharge care and comprehensive, long-term follow-up of moderately and slightly premature infants (ie children born between 32 and 36 weeks of gestation). The second part follows originally severely immature children (born before the 32nd week of pregnancy) and children with congenital malformations or suffering from severe perinatal morbidity (hypoxia, infections).  

Outpatient care involves a neonatologist, pediatric neurologist, developmental pediatrician and physiotherapist. During repeated examinations, usually at 3-month intervals, the somatic, psychomotor and sensory development of children is assessed. The aim of long-term care is to capture the developmental deviation in time and to launch the relevant intervention program, resp. continue efforts to correct the existing development disorder as much as possible. The outpatient clinic works closely with a team of other specialists at the children's section of the University Hospital (pneumologist, pediatric surgeon, neurosurgeon, ophthalmologist, orthopedist, cardiologist, child psychologist and others)

Outpatient hours:

  • Wednesday from 13:00 to 14:00 (subscriptions) and Thursday from 10:00 to 12:00 - Children's Polyclinic, University Hospital in Motol, 1st floor, tel .: 224 433 816, order by phone 224 432 101
  • Tuesday and Thursday from 13:00 pm to 16:00 pm - Comprehensive Care Center, Children's Polyclinic, University Hospital in Motol, 1st floor - ambulance No. 19, tel. 224 433 791


The neonatal ward has a total of 67 beds.

Physiological, healthy newborns are treated on 40 beds. Their cots are placed together with the mothers' beds in double, very nicely furnished en suite rooms. Each bed unit has separate equipment for all necessary nursing tasks, which are performed by mothers under the professional supervision of nurses. There are 3 doctors and 17 nurses working in the field of physiological newborns.

A total of 13 intermediate care beds are used for premature newborns and newborns who require increased care or less demanding treatment. Rooming-in care can be provided on some of these beds as needed. Two experienced doctors and 2 nurses take care of children in intermediate care beds.

Intensive-resuscitation and intensive care for the newborn is provided on 14 beds. Seriously immature and critically ill newborns are mainly treated here. Demanding intensive care and intensive care are provided by 3 pediatricians and 16 pediatric nurses. All doctors working in the Neonatal Department have the appropriate professional qualifications, entitling them to provide all, even the most demanding, care for the newborn. Stable and appropriately qualified teams of nurses work at individual stations.


The neonatal ward with an intensive care unit is an integral part of the Perinatology Center of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic of the University Hospital in Motol and the Charles University 2nd Medical Faculty in Prague.

Over 3000 newborns from Prague and other regions of the Czech Republic are born and treated here every year.

The basic goal of our clinic is to provide gentle, considerate and at the same time effective and qualified neonatological care. We provide comprehensive care for newborns of all weight categories, especially the severely immature and critically ill, for whom the intensive care unit and the specialized care department are intended.

Our workplace is the only one in the Czech Republic that can use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week a comprehensive background of all fields of pediatrics, all laboratory and examination services, all at the highest level. Therefore, newborns with congenital malformations from all over the country are concentrated here, whose delivery is primarily planned in our maternity hospital, especially so that follow-up care is possible as soon as possible after delivery.

Doctors and nurses working at the local clinic have the appropriate professional qualifications, entitling them to provide all the most demanding care for newborns. The neonatal ward, as part of the teaching hospital, is involved in preparing medical students, nurses, physiotherapists and young doctors for their future careers.  

The neonatal unit holds the Baby Friendly Hospital title awarded by the WHO and UNICEF, and all staff are educated in the necessary steps to fully support lactation.

Teaching, science and research

The neonatal ward with an intensive and resuscitation care unit is a clinical workplace and, in addition to medical and preventive activities, plays a significant role in undergraduate teaching, specialized medical training and scientific research activities.

Undergraduate teaching: As a teaching institution of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, it provides undergraduate teaching of neonatology within the master's study program of general medicine, both Czech and foreign students. Theoretical and practical teaching takes place in the 3rd year (basics of neonatology - as part of Pediatric Propaedeutics), in the 5th and 6th year in the field of gynecology and obstetrics (on the continuity of prenatal and postnatal development) and finally in the 6th year, when students get acquainted with the basics of neonatal morbidity (disease), its prevention and therapy. In addition, there are compulsory summer internships and internships for foreign students, organized within the Erasmus project.

Postgraduate teaching - specialization education: The neonatal ward is also an accredited workplace, which participates in theoretical courses and practical training in neonatology as part of specialized education for gaining professional competence in the basic field of pediatrics, respectively. for the implementation of the theoretical and practical part of the educational program for the acquisition of specialized competence in the field of neonatology.

Science and research: The traditional area of ​​applied clinical research in the workplace is feto-neonatal adaptation, the role of oxidative stress in acute or chronic neonatal morbidity such as acute lung injury (ALI) or bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) and finally monitoring the postneonatal development of perinatally at risk children. nationwide late morbidity data collection).

Other areas of interest are monitoring and stabilization of glucose metabolism of newborns of mothers with type 1 diabetes (cooperation with the Pediatric Clinic of the 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University), surgical and perioperative care of newborns with orofacial clefts (cooperation with the ENT Clinic of the 2nd Charles University ) or long-term monitoring of newborns with intrauterine growth retardation (coordinator - Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University).


At the birth of the department, one of the first in Czechoslovakia, stood the nestor of Czech pediatrics, prof. MUDr. Josef Švejcar, DrSc. He also educated the first team of paediatricians who specialized in the complex issues of newborn care. Of these doctors, it is worth mentioning one of the founders of modern neonatology and perinatology in our country, prof. MUDr. Václav Mydlil, DrSc., Who for many years headed the Department for premature newborns in Karlov and later the Neonatal Department of the First Children's Clinic at the Motol University Hospital. The priority position of the workplace in Czech neonatology can be documented by at least a few examples - the establishment of a transport service for premature babies in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region in the 50s and a little later a visiting service in families with premature babies; 1969, laying the foundations for the systematic monitoring of high-risk newborns or the first use of artificial lung surfactan in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in 1991. Doc..MUDr. Petr Zoban, CSc., Who contributed to the inclusion of the department in the network of perinatological intensive care centers in the Czech Republic and became a pioneer and coordinator of long-term monitoring of high-risk newborns.

For many years until 2020, MUDr. Miloš Černý, who contributed to the expansion of the spectrum of intensive care provided to critically ill multidisciplinary patients and participated in the establishment of the "N" Foundation, which has long supported small patients. After the end of his work, the primacy was taken over by doc. MUDr. Jan Janota, Ph.D.

For parents

A premature picnic

Since 2008, we have been holding regular gatherings of our small former patients, their parents, siblings and friends, our doctors and nurses. Due to the excellent responses, these friendly gatherings have become a good tradition, with over 200 people going to the picnic today. The meeting takes place at the beginning of June (usually the 2nd weekend) in a park in Prague's Ladronka. On the program we have a bouncy castle, competitions for children, already very proven and popular balloons and especially a joint meeting. It is a good opportunity to talk not only about health, but also about common problems that unite us all. For nurses and doctors, this is also excellent feedback and proof of the usefulness of their work. This event takes place under the auspices Endowment Fund "N".

If you would like to stay in the picture, follow the N Endowment Fund on our social networks and you will not miss anything.

We are active both on Facebook, so on Instagram. We share interesting facts from the world of premature babies, stories of our little warriors and also all the events that we support or support us.

Hospitalization information

Dear mother,

Welcome to the Neonatal Department of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic. We would like to inform you in this way about the operation of our department and the care of babies in the delivery room and during your next stay. Care for each newborn is provided at our clinic at several stations depending on his health condition.

  1. 1.      Stations of physiological newborns.

Healthy, full-term newborns are treated at 2 physiological newborn stations, you will receive additional information during your stay. They are usually in the same room as their mother (rooming-in). Rooms are standard for 2 mothers and their children. You have the opportunity to find out about the free capacity of above-standard rooms in the sextet department, which provide more privacy and comfort for you, event. for your escort.

If you cannot take care of your baby for any reason using the rooming-in system (eg after an operative birth, bed distress), your baby is treated for so-called observation box (observation). This system of care also treats newborns with minor problems during the postpartum period (eg with neonatal jaundice, greater weight loss, irregular breathing).

  1. 2.      Specialized care stations (intermediate care).

Newborns who need specialized care are treated on the beds or incubators of this station (eg with lower birth weight, the need to administer oxygen, to implement a more demanding examination program). Furthermore, newborns are transferred to this unit after the treatment in the intensive and resuscitation care unit.

  1. 3.      Intensive Care and Resuscitation Unit (ICU).

At this station, we provide care mainly to very immature newborns and newborns who have problems with breathing and blood circulation, or have serious congenital malformations or problems with infection.

If you have any questions about caring for your child, please contact the nurses, who will be happy to explain and help you. Call a pediatrician for health information.

If necessary, we will help you contact a psychologist who will help you manage a difficult situation during hospitalization. If necessary, outpatient care can be arranged on an outpatient basis after hospitalization.

Our social worker will provide you with social counseling in the area of ​​social benefits, social and legal protection of children, and mediate contact with social services in the place of residence. It will provide the necessary information for dealing with the authorities in resolving crisis situations in your family.

You can find more information that can help you on the website of parents of premature and sick children.


For sponsors

Let me thank you on behalf of our entire team. We really appreciate your sponsorship gift, which will contribute to the improvement of newborn care in our department. 

There are 2 ways to support our department:

1. Through a donation agreement to the University Hospital in Motol

When making a financial donation, please follow the following procedure:

  1. Choose a variant of the donation contract for a legal or natural person.
  2. In the donation contract, it is necessary to add or choose the correct variant for the items marked in red. The mentioned variable symbol 5122197 guarantees the use of funds only for our department.
  3. Print 2 times (if possible so that the text of the contract is only on 1 page, including signatures).
  4. Sign and send both copies to our hospital address:

After approval of the contract and its subsequent signing by the hospital director, who is the only statutory representative authorized to sign these contracts, 1 signed original will be sent to the address specified in the contract. 

In the case of a donation, the donor (natural or legal person) can use a deductible item reducing the income tax base. This item can be used if the gift is intended for the specified purposes (Act No. 586/1992 Coll., On income taxes, §15, paragraph 1 or §20 paragraph 8). 

Donor - natural person may use a deductible item if the total value of gifts in a given year is greater than 2% of the taxpayer's tax base or is at least CZK 1000. However, a maximum of 15% of the value of the tax base can be deducted from the tax base. 

Donor - legal entity is entitled to claim a deductible item if the value of one gift (or all gifts from one organization) is at least CZK 2000. The tax base can be reduced by a maximum of 10% of the tax base. If the donor is a VAT payer and provides a gift in kind, it is necessary to pay VAT on the value of the gift, if the donated property has a claim for tax deduction and if it is not a small value gift (ie at cost without tax up to and including CZK 500). This VAT is another cost associated with the donor. Financial donations are not subject to value added tax. 

Forms to download 

2. Through the Endowment Fund N, which has long supported the Neonatal Department at the FNM

On Web sites Endowment Fund N you will find all the information about how to help. Whether with a one-time contribution, a regular contribution or perhaps a contribution to specific equipment. 

Thank you in advance for the whole department.

University Hospital in Motol
Doc. MUDr. Jan Janota, Ph.D.
Neonatal Dept. with JIRP
Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics
In Úval 84
150 06 Prague 5


Head of department

Doc. MD Jan Janota, Ph.D.


tel .: 224

School representative for neonatology

Doc. MD Petr Zoban, CSc.

tel .:  224 432 100

Head nurse

B.Sc. Renata Jungmannová

 tel .: 224


Ladislava Soukupová

tel .: 224 432 101
fax: 224
e-mail: ladislava.soukupova


Maternity hospital, Unit of physiological newborns - adult part of the hospital, 5th floor, node B 

Intensive care and resuscitation unit, Specialized care unit - children's part of the hospital, 2nd floor, node B

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