Department of Imaging Methods 2. LF UK FN Motol

Due to capacity reasons, it will not be possible to take pictures of patients with a request issued elsewhere than at Motol Hospital.

Due to capacity reasons, it will not be possible in the children's section of the KZM to examine patients with a request issued elsewhere than in Motol FN.
In addition to special examinations:

  • bone age
  • scanography of the lower limbs
  • long format spine images

Basic information

Email requests for sending images to ePACS to:

Operating hours for ambulatory operation: Mon-Fri 7:00 - 15:00

The adult part of KZM performed a total of 2021 examinations in 306, of which:

  • skiagraphic and skiascopic examinations – over 154
  • contrast fluoroscopic examination of the alimentary canal and urogenital tract – 1120
  • Ultrasound examination – around 9
  • CT scan – over 25
  • MR examination – around 10

In 2021, the children's section of the KZM performed a total of 57 examinations, of which:

  • skiagraphic and skiascopic examination – 35783
  • Ultrasound examination – 15
  • CT scan – 2504
  • MR examination – 3417
  • dental CT – 495

History of the clinic

The X-ray department at the FN in Motola was founded and led for a long time by one of the pioneers of Czech radiology, Prof. MD Slavoj Věšín, DrSc. After the opening of the monoblock of the children's section of the Motol FN in 1978, she headed the radiodiagnostic department doc. MD Eva. Kolihová, CSc. Under her leadership, the department became a leading center for pediatric radiology in our country. In 1990, prof. became the head of the radiodiagnostic department. MD Stanislav Tůma, CSc., who in 992 succeeded in obtaining the status of a clinic for the department. In 997, the construction of the blue pavilion was completed, and the Imaging Methods Clinic became a top-level workplace thanks to its equipment with the most modern, powerful devices. In the years 1999 - 2007, the head of the Imaging Methods Clinic was prof. MD Jiří Neuwirth, CSc. Since October 2007, the head of the Imaging Methods Clinic is prof. MD Miloslav Roček, CSc. The clinic of imaging methods has become a fully digitized workplace, most of the devices have been replaced with new top-of-the-line devices. A transcription of the dictated word for each doctor was put into operation. The workplace currently enables the comprehensive implementation of all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for children and adult patients. In autumn 2011, a new children's diagnostic center was opened, which is fully equipped, including a CT and MR machine. This workplace is currently one of the most modern workplaces of its kind in Europe.

Ordering patients (records):

Tel.: 224 438 133, 224 438 124
Fax.: 224 438 125


  • Skiascopic-skiagraphic department for adults
  • Bone diagnosis of adults
  • Adult Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Adult Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR)
  • Sonography for adults (UZ, USG)
  • Breast mammography and sonography
  • Interventional radiology
  • Whole body densitometry


  • Pediatric conventional radiology
  • Pediatric Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Pediatric sonography (UZ, USG)
  • Department of Pediatric Magnetic Resonance (MR)

Operating time

Outpatient operation

Mon-Fri 7:00 - 15:00

Social activities

One of the main activities of the clinic is the undergraduate teaching of imaging methods for IV students. year 2. LF CU ended with an exam, preparation of students VI. year of the 2nd LF for the radiodiagnostic part of the state final exam in pediatrics and teaching to deepen the knowledge of 2nd LF students who chose imaging methods as an optional subject.

KZM doctors participate in postgraduate education in the basic field of Radiology and imaging methods, as well as in additional fields of Neuroradiology, Pediatric Radiology and Interventional Radiology.

Pedagogical clinics also often give lectures to students of the University of the 3rd Age. KZM employees actively participate in congresses, publish in foreign literature and organize or participate in the organization of Czech and foreign congresses.

The pediatric part of the clinic has a privileged position within the Czech Republic, whose staff methodically lead pediatric radiologists throughout the Czech Republic, provide teaching of pediatric radiology as part of postgraduate education and have a large share in the overall pre-certification preparation of Czech radiologists.

In cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency and the State Office for Nuclear Safety, the clinic regularly organizes internships for our and foreign experts training in the field of radiation protection.



Email requests for sending images to ePACS to:

The head

prof. MD Miloslav Roček, CSc., MBA
Tel.: 224 438 100
Fax: 224 438 120

Medical Deputy Chief for Adult

MUDr. Vojtech Suchanek
Tel.: 224 438 103

Medical deputy head for the children's section

MD Irena Buksakowska, Ph.D.
Tel.: 224 438 100, 224 438 101

School deputy head of the clinic

MUDr. Vojtech Suchanek
Tel.: 224 438 103

Deputy head of the clinic for science and research

MD Martin Kynčl, Ph.D.
Tel.: 224 435 025

Chief Radiology Assistant

Mgr. Tomas Schilla
Tel.: 224 438 105

Clinic secretariat

Olga Skalicka, DiS.
Tel.: 224 438 100, 224 438 101
Fax.: 224 438 120


Adult part

Tel.: 224 438 133, 224 438 124
Fax: 224 438 125

Children's part

Tel.: 224 435 012

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