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We provide social care at the University Hospital in Motol in the number of 16 health and social workers professionally qualified to perform the profession according to Act No. 96/2004 Coll.

We provide care to hospitalized adult and pediatric patients who have found themselves in a difficult social situation as a result of their illness, or, conversely, the social situation has resulted in poor health.

We operate in all acute beds of adult and children's clinics, the Aftercare Center and the Children's Psychiatric Clinic.

We are part of multidisciplinary teams of individual clinics.

We provide support and guidance in difficult life situations, professional social counseling in the field of field and residential social and health services, all types of social benefits, endowment assistance, we help mediate cooperation with related social services, etc. We provide cooperation in ensuring social and legal protection of children.

We cooperate with state and local government bodies, as well as with state and non-state organizations that provide social and health services. We also cooperate with hospital palliative teams of both children and adults.

We work on the principle of discretion and individual approach. 

Social work at the University Hospital in Motol is governed mainly by the following regulations and laws:

  • Act No. 359/1999 Coll., On the social and legal protection of children, as amended
  • Act No. 108/2006 Coll., On social services, as amended
  • and other laws and regulations relating to social and health issues

M.Sc. Jana Vargová

224 431 170

Management and staff

Provision of social care for the acute inpatient department of the University Hospital in Motol - Headquarters:

M.Sc. Vargová Jana
Head of Social Department

tel .: 224 431 170, 724 550 573    
fax.: 224 431 174

Assigned clinics:
Adult section: Nuclear medicine, Department of emergency admission of adults, Field applications to the CNP Children's section: Department of emergency admission of children + waiting beds

In his absence, he represents: 
Operational matters:
1st Deputy Head M.Sc. Magdalena Veverková
2st Deputy Head Mgr. Pick Alice
Adult Emergency Department: M.Sc. Jaroslava Hánová
Children's emergency department + waiting beds: M.Sc. Magdalena Neradová    

Mgr. Pick Alice
2nd Deputy Head of Department
phone: 224 431 177, 727 812 221
Assigned clinics:
Children's section: Pediatric clinic: 1B, PC, Hematology-oncology clinic
In his absence, he represents: 
Mgr. Rozpanal Kostukova Vendula  

Mgr. Rozpanal Kostukova Vendula
tel .: 224 431 172, 727 812 219
e-mail: vendula. kostukova@
Assigned clinics
Adult part: Rehabilitation clinic, Oncology clinic, 2nd internal clinic, Children's part: Eye clinic - connected with an adult clinic, Children's rehabilitation clinic, Children's orthopedic clinic
In his absence, he represents: 
Mgr. Pick Alice  

M.Sc. Squirrel Magdalena  1nd Deputy Head of Department tel .: 224, 434
Assigned clinics:
Adult part: Care of foreigners, Spondylosurgery clinic, Urology clinic + ICU Children's part: Care of foreigners
In his absence, he represents: Mgr. Magadaléna Neradová    

Mgr. Magadaléna Neradová
tel .: 224 43 1182, 727 812 228
Assigned clinics:
Adult part: DIOP, NIP, adult ARK Children's part: Dental clinic, children's ARK, Neurosurgery clinic, Surgery clinic, Pediatric clinic - PA + ICU, 1A Outpatient part: Genetics clinic, Children's psychiatric clinic  

M.Sc. Kristýna Suková
tel. 224 431 176, 727 812 218
Assigned clinics:
Adult section: Orthopedic Clinic I. - Traumatology + ICU, Metabolic Unit - ICU Children: Cardiocenter, Pediatric Clinic 1C
In his absence, he represents: M.Sc. Vrábelová Magda  

M.Sc. Vrábelová Magda 
tel .: 224 431 175, 727 812 223
Assigned clinics:
Adult part: Pain Management Center, Spinal Unit, Neurological Clinic 1st floor + ICU, Internal Medicine Clinic 7th floor.
In his absence, he represents: M.Sc. Kristýna Suková  

Bc. Tamara Schmid
tel .: 224 431 171, 727 812 225
Assigned clinics:
Adult part: Cardiology clinic 1st, 2nd floor, Coronary unit, Gynecology and obstetrics clinic, Internal medicine clinic 5th floor - nephrology
Children's part: Neonatal ward
In his absence, he represents: Hlavackova Eliska, DiS.  

Hlavackova Eliska, DiS.
tel .: 224 431 173, 722 983 734
Assigned clinics:
Adult part: Cardiosurgery 1st, 2nd. St. + ICU, ENT 1st, 2nd st. + ICU, Department of Neurology 2nd st. Children's section: Neurological Clinic 1st, 2nd. St. + ICU, ENT 1st, 2nd. St. + ICU Outpatient section: Phoniatrics - FNM children's polyclinic
In his absence, he represents: Bc. Tamara Schmid  

M.Sc. Makešová Denisa
tel. 442 431 196,727 812 220
Assigned clinics:
Adult clinics: Internal Clinic 1st st., I. Orthopedic Clinic 1st, 2nd st. + ICU Children's Palliative Team
In his absence, he represents: Red Markéta, DiS.      

Red MargaretSay.
tel .: 224 434 429, 727 812 231
Stations assigned:
Internal medicine clinic 3rd st., I.Orthopedic clinic 3rd st.
He represents in his absence:  M.Sc. Makešová Denisa .  

M.Sc. Hánová Jaroslava
tel .: 224 431 180, 727 812 226
Assigned clinics:
Adult part: Neurosurgery Clinic, Orthopedic Clinic - Septic, III. Surgical clinic + ICU, II. Orthopedic clinic 1.,2. St. + ICU
In his absence, he represents: M.Sc. Václav the Hedgehog   

M.Sc. Václav the Hedgehog 
tel .: 224 431 178, 727 812 207
Assigned clinics:
Adult bed section: Pneumology Clinic 1st, 2nd, 3rd. St. + ICU, Infection Clinic, , I. Surgical Clinic 2.,3. st., plastic surgery + ICU
In his absence, he represents: M.Sc. Hánová Jaroslava

Detached workplaces:

Contacts for health and social workers of the Center for Aftercare - LDN

Bukova Nadezda
tel .: 224 434 426, 727 812 227
Stations assigned:
1 and
In his absence, he represents:  Bc. Short Jaroslava  

Bc. Short Jaroslava 
tel .: 224 434 437, 727 812 230 
Stations assigned:
10th and 14th centuries
In his absence, he represents: Bukova Nadezda  

Bc. Guznarová Kristina
tel .: 224 434 446, 727 812 237
Stations assigned:, Geriatric Clinic
In his absence, he represents:  Bc. Kristýna Šebová  

Bc. Šebová Kristýna, DiS.
tel .: 224 434 438, 727 812 229
Assigned stations: 8st., Geriatric Clinic
In his absence, he represents:  Bc. Guznarová Kristina.

Contact the health and social workers of the Children's Psychiatric Clinic

M.Sc. Severová Jana
tel .:
 224 433 424, 727 812 224   
Assigned clinic: 
Children's Psychiatric Clinic, Pavilion No. 8.
In his absence, he represents: Hana Dlabačová Mgr  

M.Sc. Dlabáčová Hana  
phone: 224 433 469, 720 932 275
Assigned clinic: Children's Psychiatric Clinic, Pavilion No. 8.
In his absence, he represents: M.Sc. Severová Jana



Other activities

- management of professional internships of students of universities and colleges with a social focus

- practical training within the Accredited Qualification Course - Health and Social Worker

- management of the subject Supervision of professional practices at VOŠSP Prague 10

- participation in the teaching of medics to the 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University 

- teaching the subject Basics of Health and Social Work in the Bachelor's Program in Pediatric Nursing at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

- arranging lectures for doctors before certification

- participation in working groups within the Community Planning of Social Services organized by the Office of the City District of Prague 5

- other lectures at seminars and conferences dealing with health and social issues

Criteria for requesting social care

The social workers of the University Hospital in Motol, in cooperation with family members and other experts, provide or mediate assistance to patients who are in an unfavorable social situation, individually according to their specific needs:

I. In adult patients, in particular:

  • people with reduced self-sufficiency
  • seniors  
  • long-term sick people
  • to lonely patients
  • homeless people
  • persons with the need to provide additional follow-up care
  1. residential residence: Department of Aftercare, Hospice Care,
  2. medical field: home health care, mobile hospice care
  3. social residence: homes for the elderly, shelter housing
  4. social field: care and assistance services
  • persons in need of professional social security

II. In pediatric patients and their families, in particular:

  • if the child is seriously ill, requiring special or demanding care, comprehensive health and social counseling is provided
  • with the need to provide follow-up field care and residential social or health services
  • if necessary, ensure co-operation with the social and legal protection authorities of children (eg in case of suspicion of neglect, CAN syndrome, endangerment of the child's upbringing and development, etc.)

From history

Social work at the University Hospital in Motol was created in the 50s and 60s on the basis of a methodological measure of the Bulletin of the Ministry of Health. At that time, the social service for adult patients of the Municipal Hospital in Motol was performed by two social workers: Ing. Peksová and Mrs. Beňová. With the merger of the Children's University Hospital in Motol and the Municipal Hospital in Motol, an independent social ward began under the leadership of Ing. Peksové. As FN Motol expanded, so did the activities of the social department.

In 1982, Mrs. Jitka Sklenářová held management activities in this department, who worked there as a manager until 2005. During her tenure, social work in health care began to develop as a specific professional activity, an integral and necessary part of the treatment and nursing process. The foundations were thus laid for the creation of the concept of social work in this hospital.

From 2005 to 2011, Mgr. Marková Věra. Its contribution was mainly in the introduction of good methodological procedures. It has introduced a system of requesting social care based on the request system throughout the hospital. Mgr. Marková also organized a conference with international participation, which presented, among other things, the model of social work in health care in Austria and the Czech Republic.

Since 2011, Mgr. Vargová Jana.

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Name of facility: University Hospital in Motol

Facility address: V Úvalu 84, 150 06 Prague 5 - Motol
Motol University Hospital: 224 431 111
Social department: 224 431 170 – 82, 96
Fax No: 224 431 174

Head of the Social Welfare Department Motol:

M.Sc. Jana Vargová (

1. deputy head:
M.Sc. Magdalena Veverkova (

2. deputy head:
Mgr. Alice Pick (

Social Department Secretariat

Vladimira Kralova, DiS.
Phone: 224 43 1181 , Fax: 224 43 1174
Data box: nk8bxj3

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