Department of Transplants and Tissue Banks

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Department of Transplants and Tissue Banks

FN Motol creates optimal conditions for the implementation of organ and tissue procurement and transplantation, especially with its comprehensive personnel and instrumentation.

The EATB.CZ Civic Association has been involved in the cardiovascular tissue collection, processing and transplantation program since 2004. Its chairman is MUDr. Jaroslav SPATENKA, CSc.

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MUDr. Jaroslav SPATENKA, CSc.

deputy mayor

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head nurse

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Bc. Ing. Andrea DOBOŠOVÁ 

technical worker, quality manager

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The Department of Transplantation and Tissue Bank FNM (OTTB) is organizationally consisting of the Transplant Center (TC), which provides organ harvesting and transplantation and Tissue Device (TZ), which provides collection, processing, release and retrieval, storage, distribution, and possibly tissue transplantation. TZ is listed in the database of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (MZČR) as Specialized Tissue Bank STB85 (MZČR code).

The activities of the OTTB are managed by the Coordination Office (KP), which coordinates activities within both TC and TZ, because many employees work in both sections of the workplace. The scope of OTTB's activities is very extensive, from absolutely urgent events (where minutes also count), through acute actions (where the hours count) up to elective and planned activities. Therefore, the KP determines the order of activities according to urgency, determines current priorities, entrusts individual employees with specific tasks and also sets time limits for them.

OTTB FN Motol closely cooperates in the collection and transplantation of organs and tissues with the Coordination Center for Transplants (KST - tasks, activities and responsibilities are listed at:

Potential donors of organs and tissues at the FNM are indicated primarily by the staff of the inpatient departments of the Department of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care, Motol University Hospital and the 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague (KARIM), and exceptionally by specialists from some intensive care units. Organ and tissue procurement takes place under the guidance of transplant coordinators in the central operating theaters in the children's or adult part of the hospital; the outpatient procurement region does not yet have a workplace.

About the workplace

Department of Transplantation and Tissue Bank, Motol University Hospital (OTTB) is an independent department of the Motol University Hospital, which coordinates the activities of participating clinics, departments and complements of the Motol University Hospital and the 1st and 2nd Medical Faculties of Charles University in Prague so that an effective organ and tissue procurement program can be implemented at the Motol University Hospital and individual organ and tissue transplantation programs.

The sophisticated structure of the workplace serves this goal - see organisational scheme.

The management of the workplace, the secretariat and the coordinating workplace ensure the work of both fundamentally different organizational units:

  • Transplant Center (TC)

ensures organ procurement and transplantation, cooperates with the Coordination Center for Transplantation (KST), with the Ministry of Health and is legislatively governed by Act No. 285/2002 Coll. as amended (the so-called Transplantation Act). The KST is audited within the scope of regulations and recommendations of the European Union.

  • Tissue equipment (TZ)

ensures tissue collection and transplantation, cooperates with KST, with the Ministry of Health and is legislatively governed by Act No. 295/2008 Coll. as amended (the so-called Cell and Tissues Act). This law delegates control activities to the State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL), which regularly audits all TZ programs.

Organizational structure of the workplace

Collaborating workplaces of the National Property Fund and the 1st and 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague

  • I. orthopedic clinic
  • III. surgical clinic
  • Children's cardio center
  • Internal medicine clinic
  • Department of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care
  • Department of Pediatric Surgery
  • Department of Pediatric Neurology
  • Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Department of Nuclear Medicine and Endocrinology
  • Department of Imaging Methods
  • Department of Neurology
  • Department of Central Operating Rooms for Children
  • Department of Central Operating Rooms for Adults
  • Pediatric clinic
  • Department of Pulmonology
  • Department of Urology
  • Department of Medical Chemistry and Clinical Biochemistry
  • Department of Medical Microbiology
  • Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine

Extramural collaborating workplaces:

  • Transplant Coordination Center (Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic)
  • CKTCH Brno
  • FN Brno - U sv. Anny - Diagnostická laboratoř, Bohunice - Transfusion and tissue department
  • Hradec Králové University Hospital (TC, Department of Cardiac Surgery, Tissue Exchange)
  • Olomouc University Hospital (TC)
  • FN Ostrava (TC)
  • University Hospital Pilsen (TC)
  • IKEM Prague (TC, Department of Transplant Surgery, Cardiac Center)
  • KRYO sro Velké Meziříčí
  • ÚHKT Prague



Kidney transplant program in children

Since 1980, a hemodialysis program has been available at the Motol University Hospital for pediatric patients, dr. For many years, Špatenka provided monopoly access routes to the circulation for children in general and for hemodialysis in particular.

Since 1981, at the request of IKEM (Prof. V. Kočandrle, MD, DrSc.), The children's kidney transplant program (which began in 1977) has been transferred from IKEM to the Motol University Hospital. In 1981, the first pediatric kidney transplant was performed here. The program was provided by the First Children's Clinic, Children's Cardiac Center, Department of Pediatric Surgery and Department of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation. Since 1982, Dr. Spatenka invited to all meetings of the so-called Transplant Commission. It was a body that consisted of the heads of Czechoslovak transplant centers and managed the transplant program in the country. The transplant commission was convened by prof. Kočandrle, head of the IKEM Transplant Center and head of the international transplant organization "Intertransplant", which united the renal transplant programs of the then Czechoslovakia, GDR and MLR.

At the suggestion of doc. Jandy and Dr. Špatenky was recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in the 80s at the Children's Dialysis and Transplant Center at the First Children's Clinic.

In 1991, the Ministry of Health of the Czechoslovak Republic appointed a new Transplant Commission, to which all heads of Transplant Centers were nominated. In the same year, the director of FN Motol dr. Kryl also set up a "Children's Transplant Center" in our hospital, which was headed by Dr. Spatenka. At that time, the center provided only organ harvesting within the Motol University Hospital and a program of kidney transplants in children for the whole of Czechoslovakia. This program continues successfully to the present. Even after the division of Czechoslovakia, small children from Slovakia are transplanted here.

Tissue bank

In 1992, Kryobanka of the heart valve allografts was established at the Children's Transplant Center by the director of the Motol University Hospital. The bank was partially equipped with the Z 112 grant "Production and preservation of heart valves and blood vessels for cardiovascular surgery", which was solved in the years 1991-1994. . The cryo-warehouse with nitrogen management was established on the wing of the 1 D children's monoblock. In 2003, a new Motol CryoWarehouse was built on the premises of HB3 from the hospital's Research Plan. One of the three cubicles has a transplant center. In the new cryostore, valve and vascular grafts are stored in liquid nitrogen, under conditions that meet EU accreditation requirements.

In 2004, a group of employees of the XNUMXst Orthopedic Clinic of the Motol University Hospital under the leadership of MUDr. Jan HACHA in order to build the Bank of Musculoskeletal Tissue. The grafts are also stored in a new cryostore.

In accordance with the Transplantation Act, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic issued a decision in November 2004 approving the establishment of the Specialized Tissue Bank, which assigned the registration number STB85.

The bank is currently authorized to collect, process, store and distribute cardiovascular tissues from deceased donors and musculoskeletal tissues from living donors.

Lung transplant program

The Motol University Hospital transplant center participated in the preparation of a lung transplant program for III. surgical clinic before moving this workplace to the Motol University Hospital. In 1997, the General FN Transplant Center (led by Prof. Patko) was formally merged with the Motol FN Children's Transplant Center, which has since lost only a pediatric focus and is called the Motol FN Transplant Center. Cooperation with AHK Vienna was deepened, a number of employees III. surgical clinic completed training with prof. Klepetka and in December 1997 the first lung transplant was performed in the Czech Republic. This program is being further developed successfully.

Organ and tissue procurement program

Organ and tissue procurement has been carried out at the Motol University Hospital since 1977. Due to the fact that the Children's Transplant Center did not have (unlike other transplant centers) a procurement region, there were only a few procedures per year.

After the abolition of the Czech transplant in 1998, MUDr. Vojtěch Martínek, CSc., Former director of the Czech transplant and prof. MUDr. Karel Matoušovic, DrSc., His deputy to the Motol University Hospital. Both are European-level nephrologists with extensive experience working abroad!

Both work at the Internal Medicine Clinic and the Transplant Center uses their expertise and international contacts in transplant medicine and especially in the field of organ and tissue procurement. MUDr. Martinek, CSc. has very successfully taken over the management of the organ and tissue procurement program. During this time, the number of beds at the Department of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation and the number of intensive care beds where patients are ventilated has increased. We managed to increase the number of donations to the level of other transplant centers in the country (per million inhabitants). After the departure of Dr. Martinka, CSc. from FN Motol was the head of this program from January 1, 2005 to August 1, 8 prof. MUDr. Karel Matousovic, DrSc.


Routes for remote organ harvesting

Tissue bank




MD Jan Burkert, Ph.D.


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