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Experts in our Center deal with the issues of diagnosing, possible treatment of infertility and conditions needed for it. In recent years infertility issue has become one of the main interests globally. It is a problem which does not affect individuals, but rather couples. A timely and focused diagnosis is the key to successful results. We focus mainly on detecting a problem and providing subsequent assistance.

Range of services offered

A diagnosis of a couple’s infertility causes is provided on the basis of:

  • gynecological and ultrasonic examination;
  • examination of hormones, affecting the regulation of the reproductive cycle;
  • X-ray or ultrasonic hysterosalpingography;
  • laparoscopic and hysteroscopic examination;
  • dynamic endocrinological tests;
  • microbiological examination;
  • examination of thyroid functioning;
  • immunological examination;
  • complex genetic examination;
  • andrologic examination;
  • sexologic examination.

Possible treatment

Wide range of consulting examinations ensures complex care which we provide to our patients. Possible treatment includes:

  • endocrinopathy correction;
  • complex surgery treatment;
  • rehabilitative Mojžíšová treatment;
  • assisted reproductive techniques treatment (ART):
  1. insemination;
  2. micromanipulation methods (ICSI, assisted hatching);
  3. ensuring the entire donor program (sperm cells, ovula);
  4. microsurgical men surgery for acquiring sperm cells (TESE, MESA);
  5. cryoconservation of gametes, embryos and reproductive system tissues;
  6. treatment with the use of pre-implanting genetic diagnosis (PGD)



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