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Centre for Spinal Surgery, Motol University Hospital

The Department of Spondylosurgery specializes in dealing with spinal surgery. The number of surgery operations performed and the scope of care provided rate the Department of Spondylosurgery of the University Hospital Motol among the leading centers in the Czech Republic. The subjects of our interest include practically all spinal conditions and diseases: injuries of the spine and spinal cord, degenerative and tumorous diseases, inflammations of the spine, congenital deformities, etc.

Cooperation with other departments

The department makes full use of the unique opportunities offered by the Motol Hospital, and of the interdisciplinary cooperation of all specialists when caring for patients with spinal diseases, from modern diagnostic methods to specialized care for patients with spinal cord injuries.

Consulting activities

We attend to injuries and emergency conditions by means of our consulting system, 24 hours a day. We also perform non-stop superconsulting activities for a number of district and smaller hospitals.



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