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Department of Infectious Diseases

The department of infectious diseases at the University Hospital Motol serves for outpatient care as well as hospitalization of patients diagnosed with infectious diseases. We provide out- and in-patient treatment for children from 3 year old, as well as for adult patients with diarrheal diseases and meningitis which does not require the support of basic life functions. We treat Lyme disease, including neuroboreliosis. We provide treatment for patients with feverish conditions, acute infections of the respiratory tract and acute infectious hepatitis; we specialize in differential diagnosis of liver diseases. We treat patients diagnosed with imported infections, zoonoses, etc. Subsequent care in an out-patient form is ensured as well.

Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Drug Addiction Treatment Center is a part of our department and it provides our in-patients with psychiatric and psychological care, helps motivated patients to obtain treatment, and provides substitution therapy during hospitalization. We provide an internal examination before initiation of a methadone substitution therapy. Necessary psychiatric care for drug addicted patients is ensured by addictology centers outside the University Hospital Motol. Emergency intervention is provided by the psychiatry clinic in the University Hospital Motol.

We provide free vaccination against hepatitis B and hepatitis A to our patients, who has not yet been infected by hepatitis B. The purchase of these vaccines is financed on an annual basis by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Other services and clinical studies

Our department of infectious diseases operates a large outpatient center for chronic hepatitis treatment for children and adult patients. In addition to standard care, the hematological outpatient center is a part of many clinical studies, including international. It gives us a chance to use different types of treatment, which are mostly designed for difficult-to-treat patients, who have not responded to standard therapy. There also is a monitoring center for mothers with hepatitis C and their children; it helps to prevent possible transmission of the disease from mother to child. We provide consulting services in both the adult and child departments of the University Hospital Motol.

Disposition plan of the department

Our department is built as a box system, each box contains a double and a single room. Each room has a separate sanitary facilities (see in photodocumentation). Each room is equipped with a TV set and telephone, which patients can use to communicate with a nurse, as well as for talking to with their relatives and friends (if they call via the nurse’s office). This system enables to isolate individual infectious diseases to prevent their transmission among patients.



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