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Department of Internal Medicine, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and Motol University Hospital

Brief description

We perform general diagnostics and treatment care for out-patients and in-patients who live in our catchment area. We provide consulting services for ill people from all over the Czech Republic.


Our employees focus on cardiology and angiology, gastroenterology with hepatology, metabolic disorders and treatment of kidney illnesses. As part of a wider cooperation within Motol Hospital, our physicians provide care for patients with diseases of endocrine glands and lung disorders.

Specialization of the department

Our clinic provides complex care for patients diagnosed with internal diseases. This includes diagnosis, invasive and non-invasive therapy of gastrointestinal tract and liver diseases. We help patients with diabetes (including maternal diabetes and other specific complications). We also focus on obesitology, endocrinology, diagnosis and treatment of kidneys diseases, blood vessels and rheumatic diseases.

Metabolic disorders

We also provide intensive care for disorders of the internal environment through the use of elimination methods. We take care of patients with lipid metabolism and food intake disorders, as well as patients with cardiological problems.

Teaching medical students

Courses for Czech and foreign students in Masters and Bachelors degree programs also take place at our clinic. Physicians specializing in gastrointestinal endoscopic diagnosis and therapy, sonography, and diabetology are engaged in their post-graduate studies at our clinic.


Adult Section, 4th Floor, Block D


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