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Nicotine Treatment Center

Nicotine Treatment Center was established in 2005 as part the Pneumology Clinic of the Motol University Hospital and was one of the first five such centers in Czech Republic. The head of this program attended the Institute for Postgraduate Education in Medicine (IPVZ) and now works closely with the VFN Reference Center, and continuously renews her knowledge and gain work experience.

Treatment and its objectives

The main goal of the Nicotine Treatment Center is to provide help with smoke addiction through the use of nicotine substitution therapy, Bupropion therapy or Champix. After completing recommended three-month cure course at our Center, we provide our patients with certificate for health insurance companies, which contribute to the treatment. Our Center treats not only patients of University Hospital Motol, but also patients who seek out our help with recommendation from their general practitioner, as well as those patients, who find information about our Center on the Internet.

Office hours and therapy

Office hours of our Center are being held each Wednesday from 14:00 on the premises of the Ambulance Pulmonary Clinic in Motol. Patients are not required to bring a recommendation from their general practitioner or another doctor, however they are required to have their identification card and health insurance card with themselves. The fee is 30 CZK. During the initial session, the degree of nicotine addiction is being specified, initial examinations take place, the patient is acquainted with the methodology of therapy and a suitable medication is determined. Initial session takes around 30-45 minutes. Follow-up examinations take about 10 minutes and occure approx. 4 times within the 3 months.

Contact us – Doctor

MUDr. Soňa Csémyová

tel.: 224 436 667

Contact us – Ambulance

tel.: 224 436 646



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