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Our clinic (from 2002 – Surgery Clinic for Adults) is a direct successor of the Motol surgery, whose tradition began in 1943 with the opening of Motol Hospital. First head doctors of the clinic – prominent Czechoslovak surgeons Jiří Diviš and Bohuslav Niederle – were guarantors of high quality work from the very beginning.

Postwar years

Professor Diviš was in charge of the department of surgery till the end of WWII. In 1946 he was replaced by assistant professor, and later professor, Bohuslav Niederle, DrSc. It was due to his efforts that in 1967 this department was turned into the Surgery Clinic IV of what was then the School of General Medicine; 4 years later the clinic was changed to the Surgery Clinic for Adults within the School of Pediatrics.

Prominent figures at the clinic

Other head doctors of our clinic included prof. MUDr. Vl. Nahodil, DrSc. (1975 – 1990) and prof. MUDr. J. Dvořák, CSc. (1990 – 1997). Since 1997 the clinic has been managed by prof. MUDr. J. Hoch, CSc.

Original location

Our clinic was part of the Motol Pavilion Hospital till 1997. Its appearance has changed due to gradual reconstruction. Specialized out-patient departments have been created; reconstructions have been carried out on several departments – the intensive care unit and independent urological department. Moving our clinic to the new hospital building in 1997 was the most important organizational and operational change.

Modern equipment

Thanks to that change, our employees and patients obtained comfortable in-patient departments, operating rooms, up-to-date equipment in the intensive care unit, well equipped out-patient department and specialized guidance centers, including endoscopy. The proximity of other departments (particularly anesthesiology) has significantly extended our possibilities in major surgical operations. Our clinic has thus became a modern general, visceral and trauma surgery department.



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