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Medical First Aid Service for Adults

Employees of the Medical First Aid Service (LSPP) provide indispensable support for urgent out-patient care, including cases of sudden changes in health status or a deterioration of health condition, as well as during illnesses occurring outside the regular operating hours of common out-patient departments.

We focus on diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries. We cooperate with all departments and clinics of the University Hospital Motol. In case of need we provide complementary care as well as laboratory examinations.

We perform rapid assessment of a patient’s health condition and treatment. If necessary, we transfer patients for further care at the corresponding department of the University Hospital Motol. In case of infectious diseases occurrence, we also ensure the necessary range of basic anti-epidemical measures.

Our department is not designed for common examinations and treatments, which can be provided by other healthcare facilities during their regular working hours.

Our department is a public service, and we treat patients who do not live in our catchment area or are not able to go see their doctor. We also provide care for self-payers whose medical care is not paid for by health insurance companies.



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