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Department of Urology of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and Motol University Hospital


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Foreword by the head of the clinic

On October 1, 2009 I became the head of the Department of Urology of the Motol University Hospital and the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University. I came to this position after doc. MUDr. Ivan Kawaciuk, CSc., only the second head of this department in a row, which is very binding for me. During his 25-year tenure in position of head doctor and later head of the clinic, Dr. Kawaciuk built one of the most modern clinics in Czech Republic, with a level of expertise comparable to a number of the world’s leading clinics. This is evidenced by an increasing range of demanding surgical interventions, the development of modern surgical methods, and most of all, by satisfied patients. Our level of professionalism is documented by a number of monographs in the area of urology and articles in foreign periodicals. Dr. Kawaciuk was able to pass his knowledge on to his followers and students, which is evidenced by a highly positive evaluation of the clinic as a teaching workplace of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine.

Our main goals

The priority of our future work is to continue providing our patients with top level care. Our clinic focuses mainly on treatment of patients with urological tumors, and this trend will continue. Our objective is to create a center which provides comprehensive care for urological malignities, including the most demanding radical operations and modern diagnostic as well as minimally-invasive surgical methods. A vital prerequisite for success in this field is close cooperation with other clinics and departments of the Motol University Hospital, which we will actively try to develop. Our work will also include continuous evaluation of the results of selected treatment methods and, understandably, participation in basic and clinical research as well.

Other specializations

Despite its oncological orientation, our clinic will also attend treatment of neurogenous disorders of urination or urolitiasis. Another important area is reconstructive urology; the clinic’s specialization in this field is surgical treatment of transsexualism.

Teaching young doctors

The clinic’s mission is also to participate in teaching students of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University. We will continue trying to keep them engaged in the clinic’s everyday activities, which will allow them to have contact with patients and acquire basic practical skills.

A final word

Meeting all these objectives means strenuous, long-term and systematic work of the entire team of doctors and medium-level medical workers. I personally look forward to this work and will dedicate my best efforts toward it.


Prof. MUDr. Marek Babjuk, CSc.


Characteristics of the profession

We focus on the treatment of oncological diseases

Our clinic provides treatment and preventative care in the entire range of adult urology (except for transplantations). From the very beginning it focused mainly on the treatment of oncological diseases, including subsequent oncological treatment. For this reason we employ our own oncologist. One of our urologists has not only two attestations from urology but also a specialization in oncology. The most demanding operations for oncogenous diseases are performed here, both openly and laparoscopically.

Endoscopy of the urinary tract

Another area of our interest are endoscopic operations on the upper and lower urinary tract. Our urology clinic can ensure top-quality care in this field as well. The entire range of operations lacks just a holmium laser, which is capable of removing smaller tumors of the upper urinary tract, as well as crushing nephrolitiasis in kidney calices.

Our help in assisted reproduction

Our outpatient andrological center, in cooperation with the IVF center, ensures sperm retrieval for assisted reproduction. The outpatient section of our Urology Clinic can offer complex diagnosis, including highly specialized examinations, such as 3-D ultrasonography and complete video-urodynamic examinations.

Transgender support

Our Urology Clinic is one of the few departments in Czech Republic which provides complete sex reassignment surgery, including subsequent plastic surgery.

Scientific and teaching activities

Our Urology Clinic is an undergraduate teaching center for doctors and nurses. It cooperates with the ČLK (Czech Chamber of Medicine) in the post-graduate courses for doctors and also provides undergraduate teaching of foreign students. Our Urology Clinic acts as a co-organizer of the annual Symposion of Oncourology, which has become one of the largest nationwide forums of oncourologists. Grant-sponsored studies take place at our clinic. 

Specialization of the workplace

Endourology, oncourology, radical prostatectomy and reconstructive urology (reconstructions of the urinary bladder) are our areas of focus. We perform urinary incontinence surgery for women. Also Sex Reassignment Surgery Center is a part of our department. We also provide BHP (prostatomegaly), urolithiasis (including a metabolic guidance center for lithiasis), urodynamics and sonography (including intervention USG and 3-D sonography) treatment. We deal with complex solutions for congenital disorders in relation to urological care at Clinic of Child Surgery, with andrology and laparoscopy. We take care of patients with spinal injuries. In addition, we provide STD infections treatment. 



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