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Department of Neonatology with IRCU

We provide complex care for newborns, especially for those who are strongly abortive, whose weight is below 1,000 grams and who are seriously ill (including serious congenital developmental defects). Such patients require a resuscitation, intensive or multidisciplinary care.

In addition, we ensure the complete care of healthy, full-term newborns by means of so-called „rooming-in“ system – in a pleasant and up-to-date environment of the new section of the University Hospital Motol. Each year, more than 3000 infants from Prague and the entire Czech Republic are born and treated in our department.

Since we can use complex background of all pediatric medicine professions, as well as complete top-quality laboratory services anytime, it makes our department an exceptional and unique in our country. In this respect, we stand out alone.

Our medical team provides newborns with all necessary care, including demanding instrumental breathing support, long-term intravenous nutrition and efficient support of blood circulation and heart functioning in critically ill newborns. We also ensure pre-operational and post-operational care for infants. During our care we cooperate with parents, who can visit their children freely, even at the Intensive-Resuscitation Care Unit.

Our main goal is to provide thoughtful and qualified neonatological care, which is considerate to newborns and efficient at the same time. Analyses by the prestigious American institution Vermont-Oxford Network Inc. show that the results we have been achieving in recent years are comparable to results, achieved by similar departments abroad. This institution’s database includes more than 400 neonatological departments from all over the world. Our department is the only one from the Czech Republic which is included in the database. 


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