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Department of Paediatric Neurology, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and Motol University Hospital

We are the largest clinic of this kind in Czech Republic. We diagnose and treat an entire range of childhood neurological diseases. We also are engaged in teaching and research.

Our clinic ensures taking care of child patients (4 weeks to 18 years old) from across the entire Czech Republic. We also treat patients older than 18 years old in exceptional cases. In addition, we take care of foreign patients within the Center for Epilepsy as part of our epileptosurgery program.

Electrophysical laboratory, unit for intensive monitoring of epilepsy patients and a DNA laboratory are parts of our clinic. Besides general neurological out-patient care, we also offer highly specialized out-patient units and guidance centers for patients, diagnosed with following diseases: phacomatoses, neuromuscular diseases, inflammation and demyelinization diseases, neuro-oncologic diseases, newborns at risk and epilepsy.

We focus on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of headaches, vertebrogenous difficulties, collapse states, vertigo, and injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system as well as psychomotoric developmental disorders. An important part of our activities also is work in the field of neuro-oncology, epileptology and surgical treatment of epilepsy. We deal with neuro-metabolic illnesses, conscience disorders of unclear origin, neuro-genetic and neurodegenerative diseases, neuro-coetaneous diseases, neuromuscular illnesses, chronic inflammation diseases of the nervous system, demyelinization diseases, congenital developmental defects of brain, neurodevelopmental disorders in early childhood (childhood cerebral palsy, autism), sleep disorders, long-term traumatogenic conditions (including apalic syndromes), and last but not least, we also deal with neuropsychological issues.

In cooperation with other departments of the child sections of the University Hospital Motol, we engage in broad and highly demanding consulting work.

Brief characteristics

The international expert community first recognized child neurology as a separate medical profession in the former Czechoslovakia in 1957. Our Clinic of Child Neurology was founded on January 19, 1971 as the first unit of its kind in our country, and one of the first in the world. Child neurology, as well as our clinic, was founded by professor Ivan Lesný. He remained in position of the head of the clinic for 10 years. He was then replaced by professor Jaromír Svatý (1982) and assistant professor Miloš Lehovský (1983 – 1990). Since 1991 our clinic has been led by assistant professor Vladimír Komárek.

Prominent figures:

The most prominent figure in our clinic was its founder, professor Lesný (1914 – 2002). Lesný was one of the most talented students of the famous neurologist and academic Kamila Henner; he was among extraordinary figures of world of his time. He founded child neurology section, neurophysiology section and the Czech League against Epilepsy as part of the society of neurological experts. During 90-ies these sections were transformed into separate expert societies of ČLS JEP. Professor Lesný also established the tradition of child neurology symposiums, and this way he enabled leading Czech and world neurologists meetings in Prague.

Other important figures connected with our clinic are assistant professor Brachfeld, assistant professor Rossler, professor Svatý, and chief doctor Kocura.


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