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Ambulance contact: 224 433 834

On the 25th March 2019, the reconstructed Children's Health Center was opened to the public. The outpatient department of the Clinic of Pediatric Neurology is now located on the 3rd floor, node E (polyclinic building).

Acute ambulance has opening hours from 8:00 to 15:30. Examination of the last patient is started at 15.00 pm. Patients who come out of this period, are treated at the first aid medical services located on the lower ground floor.


Contact to our sister 3.B: 224 433 335

Contact your cousin 3.C: 224 433 334

We accept patients for planned hospitalization based on a written recommendation from a pediatrician or pediatric neurologist at their place of residence . The length of hospitalization depends entirely on the needs of the particular case (adapted to the child's diagnostic and treatment program). Parents receive more detailed information about their stay at the clinic during an interview with a doctor.

Hospitalization of the child's escort in the ward is possible until the child is 6 years old, eventually. with the ZTP card holder if the current operational possibilities of the clinic allow it. Other parents can use the hostel in the hospital area to stay overnight (no booking required).

High standard rooms or studio apartments are not available, the child with possible escort is taken to 2-3 bed room, mostly with private bathroom.

More detailed information (eg what to take with you to hospital) can be found on the written invitation sent along with the date of admission to the parents' address. If necessary, there is a pharmacy, medical aids, a grocery store, hot refreshments and refreshment machines in the hospital area.

Electrophysiological laboratory

In case you are ordering for electrophysiological laboratory examination and you are not able to arrive by the given deadline, you can order it at 224 433 360

The guide of the University Hospital Motol is available HERE

Information for children from Slovakia and other foreigners can be found HERE

Information for parents of children invited to the epilepsy surgery program can be found HERE


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