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The Centre of Visual Impairment of University Hospital in Motol is the only health-care facility in the Czech Republic specialised in complex care for visually impaired of all age groups.

Fields of Activity

The Centre has been already taking care for visually impaired patients for 60 years. Recently a team of experts experienced in the fields of ophthalmology, medical genetics, clinical psychology, visual training, special pedagogy, social and professional counselling works here.

The Centre of Visual Impairment Provides the Patients especially with the Following Services:

  • Basic ophthalmological outpatient care – diagnostics, therapy and correction of refraction errors is ensured by ophthalmologists experienced in the issue of the visually impaired
  • Possibility of trial and prescription of special optical aids of almost complete range of VZP numerical items products – above all aspherical magnifiers, hyper ocular corrections, binocular systems, prismatic monocular
  • Application of soft contact lenses
  • Static perimetry – performed on computer perimeter Humphrey
  • Trying of electronic magnifying compensatory aids (so-called TV magnifiers) – both camera and computer, including objective evaluation of their suitability for the patient with regard to his diagnosis, level and nature of visual impairment, powers of intellect, manual skills and social conditions, including issue of relevant recommendations
  • Training of skills necessary for effective optical and electric aid use
  • Training of ability to adjust every day activity to loss of visual functions  - including recommendations about working and home surrounding adjustment
  • Psychological diagnostics and psychotherapy of children and adults visual handicap – including support of their families, offer of stimulating programs  
  • Genetic counselling – for visually impaired and their families
  • Social services –counselling if the patient is eligible for advantages and benefits including issuing findings and recommendation or filling the forms for responsible authorities
  • Counselling of early care and visual stimulation of children afflicted by serious and combined visual disability in cooperation with centres of early care
  • Special pedagogical counselling – about suitable educational guidance, type and way of education, contact for schools and special pedagogical centres for visually impaired children  
  • Professional counselling – recommendation of the most suitable employment, arranging contact for rehabilitation and requalification workplace.
  • Contact for specialised workplaces of organizations of the blind and the purblinds  - the Centre of Early Care, Tyfloservis  



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