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Department of Clinical Psychology, Motol University Hospital

The Department of Clinical Psychology UH Motol is unique in the Czech Republic due to its size and maximum spectre of provided psychodiagnostic and psychotherapeutic services. It fully covers the requirements of providing preventive, diagnostic, psychotherapeutic and rehabilitation care of children and adult hospitalized patients or outpatients of UH Motol and their families.

How to Make an Appointment with Us

Most psychological examinations and psychotherapeutic care are requested by the physicians of UH Motol, and that is by request form or sheet of medical consultation. The psychologist work above all with patients hospitalized in UH Motol and their families or with outpatients and their families who made an appointment in advance.

Asset of Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology introduces the viewpoint of social sciences in medical care and contributes by its specific point of view to medicine humanisation, to complete view on the ill person and to development of behavioural and psychosomatic medicine.

What Are We Engaged in

Clinical psychologists are engaged in specific psychological problems of the chronically ill and dying patients. They use their knowledge for example in preoperative preparation of children and adult patients, they help the patients to overcome postoperative conditions, they participate in cognitive and social rehabilitation after injuries etc. In that way they significantly contribute to understanding man as complete human being and to thinking about disease and health. 

Interdisciplinary Cooperation

The Department of Clinical Psychology cooperates in UH Motol with social department, teachers and last but not least also with volunteers and spiritual care.

Other Provided Services

The Department provides supervisions for psychologists who are involved in preparatory training in the field of clinical psychology. Once a month it organises professional courses that are accredited by Association of Clinical Psychologists CZ (certificate AKP) in post graduate education in the field of clinical psychology. 



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