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The Department of Clinical Psychology was founded by decision No. 4/2006, made by headmaster JUDr. Ing. Miloslav Ludvík, MBA about the establishment of the Department of Clinical Psychology of the University Hospital in Motol, in compliance with regulation art. 9, paragraph 2, letter i) of Rules of Organization ensuring preventive, diagnostic and psychotherapeutic care in UH Motol and entered into force on 1st May 2006. The Department of Clinical Psychology came into operation when PhDr. Raudenská, PhD took an office in June 2006. The department operation is a follow-up to 35 years of psychological care traditions in children psychiatry, the field of paediatrics and later in the field of somatic branches of adult patients.

Beginnings of Children Psychological Care

Tradition of children psychological care in children psychiatry was founded in 1971 when the Department of Children Psychiatry (DPK) was opened. In 2006 the department celebrated its 35th anniversary of establishment. In the beginning of 1971 psychologists Mgr. Nečasová and PhDr. Gjuričová were accepted to the prepared department of children psychiatry. First months were devoted to research led by the first senior consultant of DPK Prof. MUDr. Fisher. At that time, in the beginning of 70´s psychologist PhDr. Milada Nováková was working in Motol Institute of Research and Development of Child. Contribution of psychiatrist and psychologist  MUDr. Špitz is interesting for psychological history. He has laid the foundations of family therapeutic care and education. The Centre of Family Therapy maintains his heritage (PhDr. Gjuričová, MUDr. Brodová and Mgr. Nečasová).

Concept of Community Treatment and Family Therapy

Thanks to psychotherapeutic and psychological education of MUDr. Špitz the concept of community treatment of children patients (environment treatment) came into existence and emphasis has began to be put on family therapy. Psychologists who had worked here in the past as well as present ones consider this concept very meaningful. The concept was at its time very modern. It had integrated new trends of children treatment and significantly influenced thinking and approach of psychiatrists to children patient´s treatment (let us name for example senior doctor MUDr. Koutek, MUDr. Zámečníková etc.). Clinical psychologists have been working at the Department of Children Psychiatry, for example PhDr. Mlčochová-Holejšovská, PhDr. Kubička, PhDr. Valášek and others.

The Present

At the present time the psychological care at DPK is represented in clinical diagnostic and psychotherapeutic care by PhDr. Bechyňová, PhDr. Kopecká, Mgr. Juráňová and Doc. PhDr. Kocourková. Psychologists participate also in research activities. Doc. PhDr. Kocourková works as an educator at 2nd LF UK.

Outpatient Ward

Psychologists in outpatient ward of the Department of Children Psychiatry at children polyclinic of UH Motol started to work here from its foundation in 1979. Originally there was a team consisting of two psychiatrists (senior doctor MUDr. Fibichová and MUDr. Holečková), of two psychologists and two social workers. . Psychologists PhDr. Plášil, PhDr. Valášek, PhDr. Krušinová, PhDr. Mačasová, PhDr. Toužimská, Mgr. Nečasová, PhDr. Gjuričová and PhDr. Fabíková have started their career here. Children and also family psychotherapeutic groups started to develop during the times of senior doctor Špitz. Sociologist Dr. Bebleová-Dunovská has worked here shortly.

Ward of Psychiatry of Polyclinic

Currently one psychiatrist, two psychologists (PhDr. Fabíková and Mgr. Nečasová), one children nurse and one social worker are working at the Psychiatric Ward of Polyclinic. PhDr. Gjuričová and Mgr. Nečasová work at the Centre of Family Therapy.

1st Children´s Clinic

Psychological care for children patients in paediatrics was ensured already in Karlov at Ist Children Clinic of Prof. MUDr. Švejcar. Here was founded so called “educational department” led by MUDr. Trnka, psychologist was PHDr. Hermanová. After both clinics were moved (1st and 2nd Children´s Clinics) from Karlov to Motol, Prof. MUDr. Poláček was appointed the senior consultant of 1st Children´s Clinic between 1971 and 1974. PhDr. Kňourková was working here and in 1975 she was employed at the then Faculty of Children Medicine. At that time PhDr. Sládečková, PhDr. Komersová-Pekárková and PhDr. Los worked there and since 1978 also PhDr. Nesrstová. Psychologists at the clinic participated also in educational and publishing activity.

Provided Care

Psychological care for endocrinopathy was provided by 1st Children´s Clinic. Psychologists of 1st Children Clinic also cared for patients suffering from serious asthma, multiple trauma and Rey syndrome. Research of children afflicted by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder took place here.

Help for Dialyzed Children

By the end of 70´s dialysis – transplant centre was founded at the 1st Children´s Clinic and psychologists cooperated here also with families of children patients (Club of Parents and Friends of Dialyzed Children and after Transplant).

Personages of the Clinic

PhDr. Nesrstová was working at the Centre of Dialysis from the beginning, then Mgr. Chladová, shortly PhDr. Pekárková, between 2003 and 2005 Mgr. Kleinová and since 2005 Mgr. Walterová. Between 1986 and 1990 the Centre of Psychologists was opened as the first one in the republic in UH Motol and PhDr. Nesrstová was appointed its head. During the Centre of Psychologists´ operation so called “Boston Seminars” took place in hospital and psychologists actively participated in there.

2nd Children´s Clinic

Prof. MUDr. Houštěk was the senior consultant of the 2nd Children´s Clinic in the 70´s and since 1973 PhDr. Krejšová was working at the clinic as psychologist. At the Institute of Child Development Research at 2nd Children´s Clinic the above mentioned psychologists PhDr. Nováková and later PhDr. Vyhnálek worked there. Psychologists of the 2nd Children´s Clinic specialized in psychological care for patients afflicted by endocrinologic, haematological and respiratory diseases.

We Help at Children´s Dental Medicine

In the 80´s PhDr. Semerádová was working at the Clinic of Children´s Dental Medicine, PhDr. Sauerová at the Clinic of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation and also one psychologist had a part-time employment at the Clinic of Children Rehabilitation. At that time PhDr. Trubačová was warking at the Children´s Heart Surgery Department. Sociologist PhDr. Kabele, psychologists PhDr. Mahler, PhDr. Pičman and PhDr. Maiwaldová were working at children´s oncology at that time. The Clinic of Oncology did not have pychologists and used services of medical consultations of psychologists from the Clinic of Paediatrics.

The Present

Mgr. Walterová, PhDr. Nesrstová, PhDr. Krejčová and Mgr. Chladová who participates in activities of the Club of Children with Cystic Fibrosis, have been working recently at the Clinic of Paediatrics. PhDr. Nesrstová cooperates within the Children´s Polyclinic with the Counselling Centre of Children Gastroenterology and Nutrition.

Division of Psychosocial Care at the Clinic of Oncology

In the middle of 90´s the Division of psychosocial Care was founded at the Clinic of Oncology and children psychiatrist was appointed its head, later psychologist PhDr. Bureš was working here for two years. Since 2003 Mgr. Víchová has been working at the Clinic of Children Oncology.


The foundation “Haima” which was founded in 1991 and has funded a number of activities for haemolytic patients enabled that since 1993 psychologist PhDr. Reichová could be working at the Department of Haematology. In 2004 the Clinic of Oncology was united with the Department of Haematology and at the newly formed Department of Children Haematology and Oncology the Division of Psychosocial Care was founded in 2006. Recently two psychologists, game specialist, psychosocial workers with therapeutic training and special educator have been working at the Division.

Cooperation with the Department of Children Neurology and Other Departments of UH Motol

PhDr. Pazourková, PhDr. Kateřina Chamoutová, later Mgr. Maulisová and PhDr. Tošnerová were working at the Department of Children Neurology. Currently Mgr. Žáčková and Mgr. Pešlová have been working there. PhDr. Vymlátilová has been so far working at the Department of Speech-Therapy for Children. Mgr. Doležalová has been working with children and their families at the Department of Surgery for Children.

Cooperation with the Hospital Section for the Adults

Clinical psychologists in somatic branches at the hospital section for the adults started to work at particular departments and clinic within biopsychosocial approach to patients hospitalized in UH Motol. The longest history of psychological care at the hospital section for the adults is represented by work of PhDr. Jung at the Department of Neurology for the Adults, where he has been working since 1977 until now. At that time, as PhDr. Jung remembers, there was no other clinical psychologist in the hospital section for the adults. In the beginning of 80.´s clinical psychologist PhDr. Míková shortly worked at the internal clinic for the adults. In the middle of 80´s PhDr. Semerádová was working at the department of stomatology for a long period.

Improvement of Situation

The situation concerning psychological care for adult patients in somatic branches in UH Motol has been gradually improving since the end of 90´s and considerably after 2005. Since the end of 90´s, on the initiative of MUDr. Marusič, PhD and management of the Department of Neurology with the Centre for Epilepsy at the Department of Neurology of the 2nd LF UK PhDr. Javůrková, PhD has been cooperating.

Centre for Treatment of Pain

Since 2006 another psychologist, Mgr. Dupačová has been working for epileptic-surgical program. She also cooperates with the Department of Children Neurology. In 1995 the Centre of Treatment and Research of Pain State was opened in UH Motol. Psychologist PhDr. Knotek, CSc. has been a member of the team from the beginning.

Cooperation with “OCHRIP”

Based on his abroad experience, senior doctor MUDr. Kozák has always understood the treatment of chronic pain as interdisciplinary field where psychological care is important. Since 2006 also PhDr. Raudenská, PhD has been cooperating with the Centre for Treatment and Research of Pain State (OCHRIP). Also thanks to Doc. MUDr. Drábková who has always personally propagated the positive benefit of clinical psychologist work within the complete care for long-term ventilated patients, Mgr. Woleska has been providing psychological care at OCHRIP since 1998.

Centre of Visual Impairment

In the beginning of the 90´s a clinical psychologist PhDr. Škorpilová was working in long stay hospital, since 1999 PhDr. Vaško has been working for both departments. At the Centre of Visual Impairment which cares for children and adult patients (formerly the Opthalmopedic Institute and later the Institute for Correction of Visual Impairment) PhDr. Strnadová-Vágnerová was working there from the 70´s until 1990.  In the 90´s Mgr. Pihrtová and Mgr. Kulhánek were working here shortly. Since 1992 until now the psychological services have been provided by PhDr. Jílková.

Further Cooperation and Future Prospects

In the beginning of the second millennium clinical psychologists have started to work in the adult section of UH Motol and also in other somatic field. For example, since 2003 Mgr. Rohlíková has been working at 3rd Department of Surgery. The need of psychological care was requested by attending personnel who understood the necessity of specialized psychological support during accepting patients to lung transplant program and also during other psychosocial problems of patients before and after transplantation. The Spinal Unit was founded in 2004 and since 2005 psychologist Mgr. Veselá was working here, recently Mgr. Mrlinová is working here. By the foundation of the Department of Clinical Psychology in June 2006 the organisation of providing psychological medical consultation in the adult section of UH Motol has improved. The integration of clinical psychologist into the permanent team at the Internal Clinic for Adults and Radiotherapy Department for Adults is in planned by the Department of Clinical Psychology. 



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