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Patient department

Ward in the clinic is located on the 3rd floor of the blue pavilion at node B. lifts is divided into a section for children and adults.

Standard ward visiting hours are weekdays from 15 to 18 pm, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 9 -18 am, after consultation with the attending physician is also possible to extend them. According to internal hospital regulations (Directive 31/2006 on a regime of visits) would visit for one patient at the same time not lose more than three people.

Standard room for children or adults, is equipped with three patients - three beds, their bedside tables, common table and three chairs. Each room is its own sanitary facilities - bathroom, shower and WC.

Hospital clinic allows one person accompanying a child under 6 years of age, usually the mother, which is then usually housed in a room together with your child. Only in the case of large overlapping of children under six years of mothers (children accompanying persons) that exceed the capacity of the department, housed in a hostel in the hospital.

The use of mobile phones is not restricted. During your stay at the department may order extra meals. Hospitalized children can use the playroom, which is in addition to many toys equipped with a TV and a computer designed for gaming. Adults can watch TV in the common room, which is located in the adult section.

The clinic offers a high standard of accommodation that is one room, double up, a TV, a telephone, WIFI internet connection, fridge, own facilities - bathroom, shower and WC.


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