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The Department of Ophthalmology for Children and the Adults of the 2nd LF UK and UH Motol provides medical preventive care in ophthalmology for all patients from birth to old age. Especially concerning paediatric ophthalmology the Department serves as a workplace of medical super consultation with long tradition and closely connected to the biggest children´s hospital in the Czech Republic it also represents a centre of wide interdisciplinary cooperation.

Processing of Screening Methodology and Care for Children with Congenital Cataract

In 2005, five-year effort to introduce screening of congenital cataract around whole Czech Republic culminated within the project of NPV MZCZ “Complex care for children with congenital cataract” (principal investigator is Doc. MUDr. A. Filouš, CSc.). Neonatal departments in more than one hundred maternity hospitals have been gradually equipped to perform the screening including the methodical instructions. Since then the examination has become obligatory for every neonate. In close cooperation with the Neonatal Department with JIRP UH Motol we have organised a workshop for representatives of all neonatal departments about how to illicit red reflex in neonate pupil.

We Meet International Standards and Priorities

Most neonates with congenital cataract are sent to undergo surgery and consequent long-term complex care to the UH Motol's Department of Ophthalmology for Children and the Adults where the project continues and treatment procedures are improving. Thus we meet not only the requirements of EC but at the same time also one of the priorities of WHO Vision 2020 focused on elimination of surgically correctable blindness.


Physician who is on duty at the Department of Ophthalmology for Children and the Adults also ensures the emergency service for acute states (eye injuries, acute eye pain, sudden vision dysfunction) for children and adult besides normal outpatient hours. During working days from 15:30 to 8:00 of the next day, at weekends and during holiday for all 24 hoursInformation is available during the above mentioned hours at the Central admission of the adults tel. 224 436 767or at the Central admission of children tel. 224 433 653.



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