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Department of Orthopaedics, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and Motol University Hospital

Orthopedic and traumatology clinic of the second faculty of medicine Charles University and UH Motol for children and adults provides diagnostic and orthopedic treatment not only for the patients from Prague, but also does counseling across the country. The clinic consists of two parts- the adult and the children’s part. 

Children’s part of the clinic specializes in a therapy of musculoskeletal congenital disorders, surgical treatment of neurogenic disability, surgical treatment of bone and soft-tissue tumors, bone and joint inflammation in of children and follow-up and treatment of children’s hip disorders and scoliosis therapy. In addition to standard surgical techniques and treatment procedures our clinic also uses special methods, mainly while prolonging long bones, arthroscopy children’s joints and therapy of neurogenic disabilities. Every year about 1600-2000 surgeries are held in our clinic. The clinic provides treatment in children traumatology by everyday admittance of the injured patients and providing them with appropriate emergency treatment. 

The adult part of the clinic specializes in the therapy of congenital disorders, including joint replacements, conservative and surgical treatment of arthritis, arthroscopic surgeries of all joints, spinal surgeries a comprehensive therapy of congenital and acquired disorders of the feet, arm surgeries, treatment of the complicated polytraumatic states. Last year more that 2500 surgeries were held in our clinic. 

During the weekdays both parts of the clinic provide pre-and post-operative rehabilitation held by experienced physiotherapists in compliance with the Clinic of rehabilitation of the UG Motol. Our clinic also holds prosthetic care, at the children’s part of the clinic school education takes place.  



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