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The Department of Rehabilitation is engaged in the rehabilitation of the adults and children. Adult and also child patients afflicted by vertebrogenic disorders, neurological diseases, patients after orthopaedic surgeries, injuries of locomotive system, spine surgeries and patients with internal diseases are rehabilitated at the Department

Special Programs

Some special programs are organised at the Department, for example specialised rehabilitation of some illnesses such as cystic fibrosis, infantile paralysis, hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy. Serious forms of infantile paralysis are assessed during interdisciplinary super-medical consultations (intended for the ill from whole Czech Republic) and the Department also participates at monitoring and therapy of pathological neonates.

Manual Therapy

The same types of courses as for DMO, are organised also for the Czech patients afflicted by hereditary neuropathy. A modern manual form of therapy was prepared and put into practice. It is based on the principles of developmental kinesiology and is used especially for vertebrogenic patients.

Respiratory Therapy

Some employees of the Department specialise on respiratory physiotherapy which is one of the prevailing long- term activities of our clinic. It is used for adult patients (for example with CHOPN or after lung transplant) as well as for children (for example asthmatic patients or cystic fibrosis).

Sport Medicine Care

Prof. Kolář, the senior consultant of the Department ensures care for some top-level sportsmen – national team members and also for some artists. Prof. Kolář also provides rehabilitation of the President of the republic as necessary.

Instrumental Equipment

Our department has the instrumental equipment enabling application of the entire physical therapy. Adult parts provide devices: VAS O7, PM-TRON, PHYSIOMED expert, BEAUTYLINE, EXTREMITER, SONOTER S l and SONIC 15. The above mentioned devices enable application of electrical stimulation, electrical analgesic currents, ultrasound, laser and pulse magnetic field and vacuum-compression therapy. Device for application of shock wave therapy – Dolor Clast is a unique device.

Diagnostic Devices

Diagnostic devices are also available (polyelectromyograph – for diagnosis of locomotion system disorders) and diagnostic-therapeutic devices (system “Balance-Master” enabling diagnosis and treatment of stability disorders). Children´s part of the clinic has devices for application of electrical therapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound, laser and device for lymph drainage therapy – “Lymfoven”.

Rooms and Equipment of Inpatient Care

Inpatient ward is designated for adult patients and is placed in the blue pavilion, in node “B”, on the 2nd floor. The ward has 30 hospital beds (6 beds are designated for pain treatment centre). Standard rooms have three beds (sanitary facilities are collective always for two rooms). Further one single room and one above-standard double room are available. Above-standard rooms are equipped with TV, telephone and refrigerator and have own sanitary facilities. There is a day room with TV at the ward.

Our Physicians

There are two physicians working at the ward headed by the chief physician, 9 nurses headed by the ward sister. Standard period of hospitalization is usually 3 weeks and exceptionally it is possible to prolong the hospitalization. Patients in the above-standard rooms can use telephones there, patients in standard rooms then can use call box in the hall in front of the ward. There is no inpatient ward at children part of the clinic.



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