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Social Department, Motol University Hospital

Social work in UH Motol was developing in the 50´s and 60´s of the last century on the basis of methodological regulation of the Ministry of Health bulletin. At that time two social workers were providing the social service for adult patients of City Hospital in Motol: Ing. Peksová and Ms Beňová. 

Establishment of Separate Department

By uniting Children´s University Hospital in Motol and City Hospital in Motol also the separate Social Department started to be found led by Ing. Peksová. With the extension of UH Motol also the activity of Social Department has extended. In 1982 Ms Jitka Sklenářová was the head of the Social Department in UH Motol and she had led the Department until 2005, during that time the social work has started to develop as specific activity, integral and necessary part of treatment and nursing process. The bases of concept foundation in this hospital were laid that way.

The Present

Recently the social care for patients at our department has been provided by highly qualified and erudite social workers listed in the Register of Medical Workers and Social Workers professionally qualified in compliance with the Law No. 96/2004 Coll.

Supervisory as Important Work Tools

Supervisory is the inseparable part of social work in UH Motol which helps in systematic development of own professional competences headed by Mgr. Jana Severová.

Education of Medical Staff

Medical social workers lead professional experience of students, cooperate with schools and educational institutions aimed at medical-social and social-law specializations registered in Association of Social Work Educators. Within the Czech Association of Nurses – section medical social – they actively participate in research projects, educational programs and initiate changes in legislative in favour of the chronically ill patients.



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