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Spinal Unit

Spinal Unit at the Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine of the 2nd Medical Faculty and University Hospital in Motol was opened on 22 June 2004. In compliance with the Methodological measures 6/2002 MZCZ it was integrated to the program of specialised care for patients with recent spinal injury.

Outpatient Department

Specialised outpatient department forms a part of the Spinal Unit. It provides ambulatory care for patients suffering from spinal lesions and includes them in the continuing health care.

Goal of our department is to provide complex treatment, rehabilitation and nursing care for patients afflicted by spinal lesion and that is in three main indications:

  • Hospitalization of patients with subacute phase of spinal lesion, which is approximately from 2nd to 4th week after the illness occurred. Most often it is a case of spinal cord damage caused by injury but also more acute lesions on the basis of vascular, inflammatory, neoplastic, demyelinating or other diseases.
  • Another group consists of patients with chronic phase of the disease that acutely deteriorated due to various health complications.
  • The last group consists of chronic patients who have the perioperative care ensured at the spinal unit. 



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