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The Department of Central Operating Rooms for Children (hereinafter referred to as COS for children) was founded in 1978. At that time the construction of Motol children´s hospital ward had been finished and the rest of departments were moved from DFN Karlov to the new premises. The Motol University Hospital thus had started its new history. For the first time all clinics enabling research and educational activities of the Faculty of Children´s Medicine (now 2nd LF) UK were united in it. At the same time the history of Motol University Hospital as medical facility of 3rd type has started to provide medical super consultations and even regional medical service. Especially children´s clinics with surgical specialization were put into operation, i.e. Surgery Clinic, ORL and Ophthalmology. During its existence of 34 years, our department has performed over 185,000 surgeries and almost the same number of general anaesthesias.

Founder of COS for Children

Senior consultant MUDr. Miroslav Venda was the first founder of the department. He was an excellent and experienced children´s anaesthetist originally inspired by Kafka´s school of children´s surgery. He was a man of broad knowledge not only in medicine, but an expert on history, literature and above all classical music as well. Each day spent with him was enriching and inspiring. He was a student and a follower of the senior consultant MUDr. Miloslav Drapek, the founder of children´s anaesthesiology in our country. COS for children has been built according his concept including waking rooms.

Important People of COS for Children

In the course of 22 years many important physicians were involved in COS project for children, among others e.g. Prof. MUDr. Václav Tošovský, DrSc., Doc. MUDr. Zdeněk Kabelka, Prof. MUDr. Jiří Pokorný, DrSc., Doc. MUDr. Stanislav Popelka, Prof. MUDr. Vladimír Beneš, DrSc., prof. MUDr. Rudolf Kubát, DrSc., Prof. MUDr. Jaroslav Fajstavr, Prof. MUDr. Helena Lomíčková, DrSc., doc. MUDr. Jan Klos and others.



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