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The COS Department for children has under control all surgical procedures of the patients hospitalized at children´s hospital. Except for the Children´s Cardiology Centre no clinic or department specialized in surgery has its own operating theatres.

Observed Procedures         

We are really proud of the fact that after the reconstruction of children´s part of Motol University Hospital we have managed to establish a department based on the latest architectonic principles. The operation section provides not only top instruments but is also equipped with electronic security, air condition, a net of information technology etc. We strictly follow the rules of material and hospital staff movement in accordance with the current hygienic-epidemiologic regulations - that means from clean (sterile) towards unclean (used). Of course we also respect three basic zones of hygiene in our operating theatres, i.e. clean, protective and sterile.

Functional Division of COS for Children

COS for children provides service for many specialized surgical teams and the department is organized into two centres due to their characteristic. Here the physicians from different clinics not only perform the routine surgeries but also work on a wide scale of unique specialized surgical procedures as well.

1st Centre for so-called „Soft Tissue Surgery“ Provides:

Children´s Surgery: surgeries of hernia and routine operations of abdomen including micro invasive surgical procedures, also surgeries of liver, biliary tract and pancreas, thoracic area – oesophageal atresia, diaphragmatic hiatus, lung resection etc., proctological surgery (anorectal atresia, Hirschsprung´s disease, Crohn´s disease), urological surgery, surgery of congenital defects and surgical oncology, surgery of burns of the youngest children and dealing with severe multiple traumas of children;

Children´s ORL: routine procedures such as adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, nasal septum surgery, mastoidectomy, endoscopy procedures and complicated surgeries of cochlear implant to children, stenos of respiratory tract, surgical oncology, operations due to injury (acid burns of respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, extraction of foreign bodies);

Ophthalmology: surgery of strabismus, complicated congenital defects, inborn glaucoma, retinopathy of premature babies, demanding intraocular operations of anterior and posterior segments of premature individuals, children and the adults, oncologic ophthalmology, cataract surgery;

Children´s Gynaecology: surgical oncology, reconstruction surgery of genitals

Transplantation Surgery of Children: taking of cadaverous organs, kidney transplantation.

2nd Centre for Invasive Surgery Provides:

Children´s Neurosurgery: Surgery of ventricular-peritoneal shunt, complicated surgeries of VP shunts of the newborn and repeated operations of older children - VP and VA shunts; surgical procedures of developmental defects of cranial integument and facial skeleton, meningomyelocele, vast oncologic neurosurgery and surgical treatment of epilepsy;

Children´s Orthopaedics: surgery of congenital defects, children neurogenically inflicted with DMO, reconstruction surgery of locomotive system, arthroscopic surgeries, demanding surgery of spinal deformities and traumatology of locomotive system;

Stomatology: surgical management of retained teeth, facial surgery near to neurosurgery – operations of congenital defects of face skeleton and neurocranium, oncologic surgery, transplantation of neuromuscular grafts due to facial nerve paralysis of children and also the adults and surgical procedures solving traumas of face and head.

Other Activities of COS for Children

Department´s sphere of activity goes beyond the function of surgical branches. Different surgical procedures are performed by specialists from children´s medical wards, oncology clinics etc. Let us mention bone marrow taking, endoscopy of respiratory system, excision of the liver, the kidney etc. A centre for organ collecting is a part of the department.



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