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The tradition of the hematology profession in Motol developed in post-war years, thanks to prof. MUDr. Miloš Netoušek, DrSc., and his colleague, assistant MUDr. Heřmanský, who later became one of prominent Czech hematologists. They both worked at the Internal Department.

Establishment of the department

The Department of Clinical Hematology was established in 1971 after the child mono-block had been turned into operation block and pediatrics clinics had moved from Karlov. Back then it also included a blood bank. The hematological laboratory was developing alongside the child hematology in Motol. Soon it was equipped with new automatic analyzers of blood elements and started to extend its range of hematological examinations. One of merits of prof. MUDr. O. Hrodek, DrSc., under whose management the child hematology in Motol underwent a rapid development, was that the hematological laboratory became a top-quality diagnostic background for child hematology patients from the entire republic.

Diagnosis of leukemia

Diagnosis and morphological classification of acute leukemias and myelodisplastic syndrome in the child age has been the priority for this laboratory. Examinations for the entire Czech Republic are carried out in close cooperation with the Child Hematooncological Clinic of the University Hospital Motol. Another important area of laboratory activities is a diagnosis of congenital and acquired haemorrhagic states and trombophilia. As a department of the complement, the hematological laboratory provides its services – routine and special examinations – to the entire child and adult parts of the University Hospital Motol and on consulting basis also on the interregional level. The hematological laboratory rates among the other laboratories within the system of external assessment of quality (SEKK) in the Czech Republic.



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