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The Institute of Immunology provides routine laboratory immunological services in the area of diagnosing immunodeficiencies and autoimmunities, as well as specialized laboratory diagnosis of serious immunity disorders. We have a bunch of selected laboratory immunological methods at our disposal, with 24-hour service for patients from the University Hospital Motol (CRP, immunoglobulines, complement) as well as for patients from all over the Czech Republic (ANCA, antiGBM). We also provide examinations of cerebrospinal fluid for Prague area.

Our specialists activities

Our doctors take care of consulting, out-patient and dispensary care for child and adult patients with common immunity disorders from catchment area, as well as for patients hospitalized in the University Hospital Motol. They also provide consulting and dispensary care for patients with serious immunity disorders from all over the Czech Republic.

Service for child patients

We also provide laboratory and consulting services for child patients in bone marrow post-transplant period, and for adult patients in lung post-transplant period.

Teaching students

Doctors and academic employees of the Institute of Immunology participate in teaching students of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University (fundamentals of immunology for the third year, elective clinical immunology for the fourth and fifth years, bachelors studies) and post-graduate students in biomedicine, who also work in our laboratories and participate in individual research projects. Our department is accredited for post-graduate education in the field of allergology and clinical immunology pursuant to Act No. 95/2004.

Center for Diagnosis

The Center for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Immunopathological Diseases (hereinafter referred to as the Center) was established by the Institute of Immunology of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and University Hospital Motol in 1999. It was conceived as an interdisciplinary facility for the diagnosis, treatment and research of immunopathological conditions (immunodeficiency, autoimmunity, allergies), with jurisdiction across the entire Czech Republic. The basic concept of the Center is to interconnect leading departments and experts, in order to provide a complex view on these diseases from perspective of a wide range of professions. The establishment of the Center enables a significant expansion of both treatment-preventative and research activities, and it helps to better organize the interdisciplinary cooperation. It also leads to a more efficient use of medical equipment, laboratory instruments and other capacities.

The Center’s tasks

The function of the Center is diagnostics, treatment and consulting (superconsulting activities for the entire Czech Republic), as well as research and education (providing post-graduate studies, individual pre-attestation training internships, and education of patients and their families).

Structure of the Center

The Center is structured into working groups according to the nature of the immunopathological diseases, which have their own characteristics in terms of the cooperation of individual departments. An integral part of the working groups is research activities in the field of the respective issue. At present, the following groups are active:

  • The group for autoimmunity diseases,
  • The group for immunodeficiencies and transplantation immunology,
  • The group for atopy and other allergic diseases,
  • The group for cancer immunology.


In 2006, the Center was recognized by the American Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies as one of the international Centers of Excellence in the field of clinical immunology.

Research and projects

The Institute of Immunology is also a problem-oriented workplace for IGA grants of the Ministry of Health, Charles University grants, and is a co-investigator on other grants. The Resolution of the Research Project provided by the Ministry of Schools, Youth and Physical Education also significantly supports research. The Institute of Immunology also participates in the recently constituted Research Centers. In addition, it plays a significant role in the Research Project of the University Hospital Motol, backed by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

History of the Institute

The Institute of Immunology was founded in 1995 by merging the original Department of Clinical Immunology of the University Hospital Motol with the Institute of Immunology at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, as a joint workplace with competence in healthcare and education. The tradition of immunology as a young clinical profession was founded in the 1970s by MUDr. Pavel Kasal within the Pediatrics Clinic I. Further trends in the gradually developing department were defined by a number of excellent doctors. The educational workplace was founded in 1992 within the supplementation of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine with the theoretical institutes which arose from the former Institute for the Research and Development of Children, which had been founded and led by prof. J. Houštěk. The Institute of Immunology of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine has been led by Dr. Jana Kamínková, CSc., since its founding in 1995.

The present

The Institute of Immunology has undergone a significant transformation and changes in the organization of its activities since its founding in 1995. The medical and educational parts have been significantly extended, and the research activities have been intensified. The institute has been under the same management since it was founded. It has gradually become one of the most important immunological departments in Czech Republic. It plays a unique role in collaboration with other departments of the University Hospital Motol, in diagnosis and treatment of primary immunodeficiencies and autoimmunity diseases, mainly in child patients.




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