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Child Development Center, University Hospital Motol, Prague

Child Development Center, University Hospital Motol, Prague

Based on diagnostics, we create individual therapeutic and rehabilitative care for children with disabilities. With respect to the disability issues and related needs, we take care of children and their families on a long-term basis. We try to provide further help, especially at the University Hospital Motol as well as at children’s homes. We support these children in ensuring their rights to social and medical care, and in their integration into schools and society in general.

Individual care is basical principle

Doctors and experts in our center focus on the issues of children disabilities, especially those with combined handicaps. They work in such a way that the „special needs“ of such children and their families are met. Since the problems of disabled children are not only of a health nature, it is necessary to combine medical, social and pedagogical care. The entire program is based on an individual approach to each child and pays attention to his/her specific needs.

Head Doctor

MUDr. Martina Kašparová

224 433 790

Other Contacts

Head Nurse
224 433 816




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